According to the thinkers of the East, there are five different intoxications:

1. of beauty, youth and strength;
2. then the intoxication of wealth;
3. the third is power, command, the power of ruling;
4. and there is the fourth intoxication, which is the intoxication of learning, of knowledge.
5. All these four intoxications fade away just like stars before the sun in the presence of the intoxication of music.

The reason is that it touches that deepest part of man’s being. Music reaches farther than any other impression from the external world can reach. And the beauty of music is that it is both the source of creation and the means of absorbing it. In other words, by music was the world created, and by music it is withdrawn again into the source which has created it.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

We live in an over-served world driven by unrealistic expectations, and the toughest challenge in this environment is to set yourself apart… which is the purpose of branding. By building strong brands with real value, you build strong bottom lines.

Charlie Hughes

The difference between the novice and the master is simply that the novice has not learnt, yet, how to do things in such a way that he can afford to make small mistakes. The master knows that the sequence of his actions will always allow him to cover his mistakes a little further down the line. It is this simple but essential knowledge which gives the work of a master carpenter its wonderful, smooth, relaxed, and almost unconcerned simplicity.

Christopher Alexander

Innovation comes ultimately from a diversity of perspectives. So when you combine ideas from different industries or different cultures, that’s when you have the best sense of developing groundbreaking ideas.

Frans Johansson

There’s no failure. Everything is an experiment.

John Cage

There is no material with which human beings work which has so much potential energy as words.

Earnest Elmo Calkins

If that sounds like a case of ‘information overload,’ it’s actually not. What we’re really swamped with is raw data. For that data to rise to the level of information – for it to be informative – it must be organized, simplified, clarified, or, in a word, designed. […] We’re behaving like it’s an endless party — but we’re passing the check to our children.

Bruce Mau

We may conclude that a mathematical approach to the design of alphabets does not eliminate the artists who make them.

Donald Knuth

Once we add recognition points to zigzags, we have writing.

Gunnlaugur SE Briem

Questions are places in your mind where answers fit. If you haven’t asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go. […] It’s actually really important that you succeed at what you're succeeding at, but that isn't going to be the measure of your life.

Clayton Christensen