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Alan Cooper [+]

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Asaf Degani [+]

Ben Fry [+][+]

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Catalogtree [+]

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David Gibson [+]

David McCandless [+]

David Sless [+]

Douglas Bowman [+]

Edward Tufte [+]

Eli Pariser [+]

Elizabeth Scott [+]

Erik Spiekermann [+]

Francesco Franchi [+]

Guy Kawasaki [+]

Information Architecture [+]

Information Design [+]

Information Graphics [+]

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(IxD) [+]

(UX) [+]

1-click Award [+]

247 Web Usability Guidelines [+]

A History of Women in War: [+]

Apollo 11 Landing Site,; [+][+]

Atlas of Electromagnetic Space [+]

Autodesk,“Visualizing TED with BigViz” by Sibbet and Richards [+]

BIG Bjarke Ingels Group [+]

Barcode Clock [+][+]

Blog List by Elmanco [+]

British History Timeline [+]

Charles J. Minard’s 1861 Thematic Map of Napoleon’s March on Moscow [+][+]

City Font Project [+]

Clarence Larkin Biblical Charts [+]

Color Wheels and Information Design [+]

Communication Research Institute Australia [+]

Crayola Raw Materials Test Data Sheet [+]

DOMUS Mixtape Sound-based City Portraits [+]

Design Council Overview [+]

Designcritique’s Podcast [+]

Ergonaut: [+]

EuroIA Summit [+]

Focal Press Media Technology Publising [+][+]

Foodparing [+]

Glossario di Organizzazione della Conoscenza [+]

Hand Drawn Map Association [+]

High-Water-Line Project [+]

HistoryShots [+]

How Americans Spend Their Money Chart [+]

IA Summit [+],,Italian IA Summit Report [+][+]

ISKO International Society for Knowledge Organization [+]

Icon Analysis [+]

Immigration Explorer USA 1880-2000 [+]

InfoDesign-Cafe [+]

Infographic Handout [+]

Information Aesthetics: [+]

Information Design Journal (IDJ) [+]

Information Esthetics [+]

Information Technology [+]

Information Visualisation [+]

Information is Beautiful: [+]

InformeDesign [+]

Institute for The Future [+][+]

Interaction Design Association [+]

Interactive NYC Map 1836–Today [+]

International Institute for Information Design [+]

Jeffrey Zeldman Web Design Manifesto [+]

Kickstarter [+][+]

Le Grand Content [+]

Levitated Computation [+]

Lexicon Wikipédia Summary [+]

MIT Visualizing Cultures [+]

MTA.ME (“Departing Train Generative Music”) by J. Puckey [+]

Malofiej 17th: 2008 [+]

Map of Olympic Medals [+]

Maps of the Racial Breakdown of America’s Biggest Cities [+]

NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming [+][+]

New York City Hurricane Evacuation Zones Map [+]

New York Public Library Hi-Res Maps [+]

New York Times Articles Redesign [+]

Nobel Prize Winners Elastic List [+]

OECD Factbook eXplorer for Analysing Country Statistics [+]

Poligraft [+]

Political Science Purple America 2004 [+]

Resources for Information Designers [+]

Rice Population Demographics [+]

SEGD Society for Environmental Graphic Design [+]

School Test Data [+]

Shuttle Mission STS-123 Flight Plans [+]

Sketch Sheets for Web Designers [+]

Smartphone Browser Landscape [+]

Spectra Visual Newsreader [+]

Sprint: [+]

Strange (and Unusual) Maps [+][+]

Submarine Cable Map [+]

Taxonomy Strategies [+]

The Book of Probes [+]

The Laws of Simplicity by J. Maeda [+]

The Rise and Fall of Osama Bin Laden [+]

The Secret Rules of Modern Living Algorithms [+]

The Sputnik Legacy [+]

The True Size of Africa [+]

Thinkful: Learn to Code with a Mentor [+]

Tokyo Traffic Control Center [+]

Typophile Books [+]

UDC Consortium: [+]

UX Design Framework for Interaction [+]

UXmatters,User Experience community [+]

Understanding USA [+]

Visual Complexity [+]

Visual Explanations and Information Graphics [+]

Wageningen Zoological Wall Charts [+]

Web Accessibility Tools [+][+]

Webarbiter Stats [+]

Websites as Graphs [+]

Wine Flavor Visualization [+]

Women in Parliaments World Classification [+]

iA Japan [+]

“100 Diagrams That Changed the World” by S. Christianson [+]

“2010 in Infographic” by D. Madray [+]

“5 Steps To A PowerPoint Redesign” by C. Malamed [+]

“90% of People Don’t Know How to Use ⌘+F” by A. Madrigal [+]

“A Conversation on Information”,by Coppock and Eco [+]

“A Definition of User Experience” by E. Reiss [+]

“Algo-Rythmics; Technologically and Artistically Enhanced Multi-Sensory Computer Science” [+]

“Algorithm of Sieve of Eratosthenes for Prime Numbers” by R. Arista [+]

“Alta Velocità” Infographic by F. Franchi,; [+][+]

“An Illustration of Alzheimer” by J. Ollie [+]

“Anatomy Meets Art in Da Vinci’s Drawings” by S. Pappas [+]

“Approaches to User Research When Designing for Children” by C. Naranjo-Bock [+]

“Attention and Sex” by S. Berkun [+][+]

“BBC World Service Language Websites: User Experience and Typography” by K. Çanlıoğlu [+]

“Better Content Management” by Ruissaard and Bogaards [+]

“Better Living Through Taxonomies” by H. Hedden [+]

“Better Techniques for Technical Reports” by E. Tufte [+]

“CRI Medicine Labelling” by D. Sless [+]

“Car Color Timeline” by A. Kapor [+]

“Chartwell Infographic Font” by T. Kochel [+][+][+]

“Complexity and Community” by M. Singer [+]

“Cr4p Passw0rd5 (on passwords)” by A. Hallmundur [+]

“DPI for Dummies: Images on Mobile Devices”,by C. Cohen [+]

“Data Collection for Usability Research” by T. Zazelenchuk [+]

“Data,Not Design,Is King in the Age of Google” by M. Helft [+]

“Default UI” by F. Özkaramanlı [+]

“Defining Interaction Design” by B. Baxley [+]

“Design Process Study” by H. Dubberley [+]

“Design for a Target Experience First” by N. Ford [+]

“Designing Web Navigation” by J. Kalbach [+]

“Disconnects Between Design and Engineering” with B. Scott [+]

“Document Architecture and Information Science Education” by Gunnarsson and Dahlström [+]

“Don’t Drag Your Website Into Facebook” by R. Stacy [+]

“Download Speed Infographic” by J. Catone [+]

“Educating Information Architects” by E. Morrogh [+]

“Essential Interaction Design Essays and Articles” by L. Johnson [+]

“Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity Visualized” by M. Popova [+]

“Flick Scrolling Gesture” by @simurai [+]

“Flickr vs. Twitter” by E. Fischer [+]

“Framework of Product Experience” by Desmet and Hekkert [+]

“Francesco Franchi On Visual Storytelling and New Languages in Journalism” by Gestalten [+]

“Fritz Kahn on Data Visualization” by C. Dunne [+][+][+]

“From News to Experience” by Rosati and Badaloni [+][+]

“Good Designers Redesign,Great Designers Realign” by C. Moll [+][+]

“Graphical Symbols for Diagrams” by J. Aagaard [+]

“Great Examples of Infographics” by F. Mugnai [+][+]

“Hacking My Vagina” by Elizabeth Scott [+]

“Health Visualizer” by B. Fry [+]

“History and Evolution of User Experience Design” by P. Merholz [+]

“How Do Colors Affect Purchases” by KISSmetrics [+]

“How Do Visualisations Enhance the Communication of Data?” by C. Watson,; [+]

“How Little Water There Is On Earth” by J. Diaz [+]

“How To Show Time During a Presentation” by S. Berkun [+]

“How the World’s Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days” by K. Short [+]

“How to Use Google Search More Effectively” by S. McAllister [+][+]

“Industry Trends in Prototyping” by D. Cronin [+]

“Information Architecture: Making Information Accessible and Useful” by D. Sherwin [+]

“Information Design Is Typography (Web Design Is 95% Typography)” by O. Reichenstein [+]

“Interaction Design History Sources” by K. McGrane [+]

“Interaction Design and Children” by J.P. Hourcade [+]

“Interaction In a Word: Better” by D. Armano [+]

“Interface Design and the iPhone” by E. Tufte [+]

“Iodine (Search Drug by Name)” by T. Goetz [+][+]

“Le Liste Vertiginose” by U. Eco [+][+]

“Lichtreise,Long Exposure Shots of UV LEDs Used as Infographic” by T. Nagel [+]

“Light Speed Visualized” by J. O’Donoghue [+][+]

“Linkosophy” by A. Hinton [+]

“Lousy PowerPoint Presentations: the Fault of PP Users?” by E. Tufte [+]

“Managing Representation In a Digital World” by D. Boyd [+][+]

“Mapping the Beginnings of Computer-generated Art in The Netherlands” by D. Fritz [+]

“Metodi Per l'Architettura dell'Informazione” by L. Rosati [+]

“Navigating Today's Signs“ by M. Hora [+][+]

“On PowerPoint” by E. Tufte [+]

“On Web Browsers” by A. Twardoch [+]

“Periodic Table of Visualization Methods” by Lengler and Eppler [+][+]

“Pervasive Information Architecture” by Resmini and Rosati [+]

“PowerPoint Alternative: Adobe Presentations” by J. Crumpton [+][+]

“Project Management Graphics” at E. Tufte [+]

“Prolegomena to Library Classification” by S.R. Ranganathan [+]

“Race and Ethnicity 2010” by E. Fischer [+][+]

“Responsive Web Design Guidelines” by Smashing Editorial [+]

“Scanning Barcode Bruce Lee” by S. Blake [+]

“Shift Happens” by M. Wichary [+][+][+][+]

“Similar Diversity” by Koller and Steinweber [+]

“Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnell Creek” by J. Branch [+]

“SnowSense: A Case Study in User-centered Location-based Services” by J. Eckert [+]

“Solar System Infographic” by K. Tate [+]

“Solar System to Scale” by J. O’Donoghue [+]

“Standards in Information Design” by D. Sless [+]

“Symbol Signs” by AIGA [+]

“Symbols to Help,ISO/TC 145” by B. Gray [+]

“Taxonomy and Metadata and Findability Influence Traditional Roles” by T. Putkey [+]

“Teaching InfoVis” by J.C. Dürsteler [+][+]

“Ten Best Practices for Designing Mobile Websites” by A. Henderson [+]

“Text Messaging SMS Turns 20” by J. O'Mahony [+]

“The Data-Pixel Approach To Improving User Experience ()” by R. van der Merwe [+]

“The Elements of User Experience” by J.J. Garret [+]

“The Evolution of Google Search in Six Minutes” by S. Murphy [+]

“The Geography of Jobs” [+]

“The Global Water Footprint of Humanity” by A. Morelli [+]

“The Hierarchy of Innovation” by N. Carr [+]

“The London Sewage System” by R. Bates [+]

“The Power of Graphically Reorganizing & Mapping Information” by T. Girvin [+]

“The Power of Keynote” by P. Woods [+]

“The Power of Prototyping” by T.Z. Warfel [+]

“The Problem With Famous Architects” by D. Klyn [+]

“The Science Bookstore” by J. Ptak [+]

“The Two Corners of Unsolicited Redesigns” by J. Johnson [+]

“The Ultimate Usability Resource Roundup Posts” by J. Creech [+]

“The Virtual Water Project” by T. Kekeritz [+][+]

“The Water We Eat” by A. Morelli [+][+]

“The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet” by Anderson and Wolff [+]

“To Design Processes” by N. Shedroff [+]

“Toilet Paper Orientation” by Engineering Degree [+]

“Tree Structure and Hierarchies in UI” by G. Waloszek [+][+]

“Typography Is Important” by V. Vasinov [+]

“UX: Time To Dump Wireframes” by M. Polley [+]

“Understanding Pie Charts” by R. Kosara [+]

“Understanding Responsive Design” by P. Sheldon [+]

“Understanding Web Design” by J. Zeldman [+][+]

“Virtual Water Book” by T. Allan [+]

“Visual Education,A New Language”,by O. Neurath [+]

“Visualization Options Available” by IBM Many Eyes [+]

“Visualizing Algorithms” by M. Bostock [+]

“Visualizing Organized Crime in Italy” by F. Fragapane [+]

“Visualizing the Bible” by C. Harrison [+]

“Web Design is 95% Typography” by iA [+]

“Web Style Guide” by Lynch and Horton [+]

“What Is Software For / Magic Ink” by B. Victor [+][+]

“What It Means to Be Responsive” by J. Croft [+]

“What Makes Someone Leave a Website?” by J. Brockmeier [+]

“What do Prototype?” by Houde and Hill [+][+]

“What if Testing Was a Part of the Design” by S. Ruluks [+][+]

“Why Software Sucks” by S. Berkun [+]

“Why We Skip Photoshop (When Designing a UI Mockup)” by J. Fried [+]

“Wikipedia and the Future of the Past” by R. Rosenzweig [+]

“Wikipedia,How and Why It Works” [+]

“iAd Wireframe Stencils” by S. Boms [+][+]

“iPad Application Design” by M. Gemmell [+]

“iPhone vs Andriod,Facebook vs Groupon” by A. Scott [+]

”Apple’s Keynote vs Microsoft’s PowerPoint” by E. Tufte [+]

Wayfinding and Signage

Dynamic Diagrams (ID Watch) [+]

London Underground Tube Map Video Documentary [+][+]

Sign Design Society [+]

The “London Underground Station Design Idiom” [+][+]

UrbanRail Maps [+]

Urbino Walk In Progress [+]

Wayfinding News [+]

Wayfinding News [+]

[return to page] [+]

“All Streets” by B. Fry [+]

“Books on Signage and Wayfinding” by R. Herrmann [+]

“British Motorway Signage System” by Kinneir and Calvert [+][+]

“Commuter Buddy”; The Drawing Board episode 4,Cooper Journal [+]

“Contextual Wayfinding and Transit: the Internet of Place” by L. Wolke [+]

“Councils UK Urged to Remove Unnecessary Street Signs” by BBC News [+]

“Critical Wayfinding” by E. Lupton [+]

“Designing The Ultimate Wayfinding Typeface” by R. Herrmann [+]

“Hong Kong’s Railway System MTR Colour Coding” by K. Tam [+]

“La Mappa Come Racconto” by L. Rosati [+]

“London Tube Map Sparks Furor Over What ‘Design’ Means” by J. Pavlus [+]

“London Underground Maps and Worldwide Subways” at E. Tufte [+]

“NYC Parks” by Pentagram [+]

“On Visiting a Warship / [+]

“Places Need Signs” by R. Waller [+]

“Symbol Signs” by AIGA [+]

“Thank You For Not Smoking” on Signage by R. Caplan [+]

“The Doors to Design [Web Design]” by B. Sleep [+]

“The London Tube Map For a Multiscreen World” by M. Noad [+][+][+]

“The Tube,An Underground History” by BBC [+]

“Urbanflow Helsinki” by and [+]

“Wayfinding Handbook” by D. Gibson [+][+]

“Wayfinding Systems” by L. Wyman [+]

“Wayfinding” by K. Brandon [+]

“What‘s Your Signage” by SBDC [+]

“With No Display Map at Penn Station,Amtrak Misses an Opportunity” by A. Bernstein [+]