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Book Binding

Alternative Bookbinding [+][+]

Bonefolder [+]

Book Binding Introduction [+]

Bookbinding Hand Sewn [+][+][+][+]

Encuadernacion de Libros [+]

Folio [+]

How to Make a Perfect Bound Book [+]

Japanese Bookbinding [+][+]

Philobiblon Tutorials [+]

Talas Bookbinding [+]

The Making of a Letterpress Book [+]

Wilsey Rare Books Glossary [+]

Book Design

A Look at the New Digital Version of Wired Magazine [+]

Book Covers Blog by C. Papasadero [+]

Book Covers by David Pearson Design [+]

Book Design Tips [+]

Book News [+]

Book Scanner by Treventus Mechatronics [+]

Bookshelf Porn [+]

Brian Dettmer Book Art [+]

Calaméo Publisher and Browser [+]

Canons of Page Construction [+]

Checklist of (Aldus Manutius) Editions Owned by BYU [+]

DTP Forum [+]

DTP Tutorials [+]

Edward Tufte - “Ask E.T.” [+]

Euclid’s Element of Geometry [+]

Flipboard for iPad [+]

Golden Ratio,phi [+][+][+]

ILAB League of Antiquarian Booksellers [+]

InDesign Scripts by T. Silkjaer [+]

Joe Kral's Book Collection [+]

Kindle II [+][+][+]

MA Book Design University of Reading [+]

Mag+ “Reading Magazines on Handheld Digital Devices” by Bonnier and BERG [+]

Manystuff [+]

NYTimes Book Design Review [+]

Octavo Editions [+]

Old-Timey Paperback Book Covers [+]

P-DPA (Post-Digital Publishing Archive) [+]

POD/ODB,OnDemand-Books [+][+][+][+][+]

Pagehand Word Processor [+]

Photopolymer Platemaking by Hand [+]

Prepress Forum [+]

Quite Imposing Guide 1.2 [+]

Recto and Verso [+]

Risograph Zine: [+][+]

SHARP Society of Authorshio,Reading and Publishing [+]

The Making of a Letterpress Book [+]

The Typographic Mind [+]

Tips for Top Type [+][+]

Tschichold on Dust-jackets [+]

Twitter Book by Ether Press [+]

Typeface Paring i.e. Mixing Type [+][+][+][+][+]

Understanding and Working with Print Signatures and Folding them Into a Booklet [+]

he Designer’s Review of Books [+][+]

“2 1/2 lc Alphabets; 75 to 80 Characters per Line” by W. Berkson [+]

“A Tribute to the Printer Aldus Manutius,and the Roots of the Paperback” by J. Schuessler [+]

“An Interview with Jim Felici” by F. Romano [+]

“Balancing Typeface Legibility and Economy” by V. Gaultney [+][+]

“Book Art & History” by C. Knops [+]

“Book Design Pt.1” by J.D. Berry [+]

“Book Design Pt.2” by J.D. Berry [+]

“Book Interior Design” by D. Margulis [+]

“Book Typography” by Mitchell and Wightman [+]

“Books In the Age of the iPad” by C. Mod [+][+]

“Break Up Big Blocks Text” [+]

“Choose a Comfortable Measure ()” by R. Bringhurst [+]

“Choosing a Font for Book Design” [+]

“Consistent Correlation Between Book Page and Type Area” by J. Tschichold [+]

“Designers Discuss InDesign Typography Tips” by P. Cady [+]

“Digital Is Not an Excuse for Bad Typography” by R. Fink [+]

“Explorations in Typography” by de Bartolo and Spiekermann [+]

“Faber Finds Generative Book Covers” by G. Lucas [+]

“Font for Multilingual Books” [+]

“Friends Make Books” by J. Miceli [+]

“Golden Section Illustration” by I. Gulkov [+]

“Hack the Cover” by C. Mod [+][+]

“History,Digitized (and Abridged)” by K. Hafner [+]

“How to Write a Book Proposal” by E. Lupton [+]

“Incremental Leading” by M. Boulton [+]

“Introducing the Book (and the )“ by NRK & IKEA [+][+][+][+][+]

“Introducing the Book (from ‘Øystein & Meg’)” by NRK [+][+][+][+]

“Investigation Into the Physical Properties of Books (1910–1919)” by W.A. Dwiggins [+]

“Is the Future of the Book Digital” [+]

“Islands of Thought in Macrotypography (Linespaces vs. Indents)” by N. Ford [+]

“Justification Advice in InDesign” [+]

“Kerning Features in QuarkXPress and InDesign” by I. Strizver [+]

“Let’s Talk About Margins” by C. Mod [+]

“Like a Pearl in My Hand” by C. Hesper [+]

“Music and Early Language Acquisition” by R. Slevc et ali [+]

“Networked Optimization” by S. Lorusso and S. Schmieg [+]

“Oddest Book Titles” by A. Flood [+]

“On Book Design” by R. Hendel [+]

“Open Book Workshop” by van Dyke and Unikel [+]

“Page Maker Past,Present,and Future ()” by P. Adams [+][+]

“Paragraph Rules” by Y. Peters [+]

“Roycroft’s Journey” by E. Carter (Dædalus,Virginia) [+]

“Students Demonstrate Innovative iPad Book Page Flip” by K. Hodgkins [+]

“Text Principles” by E. Lupton [+]

“The Dire State of Book Typography” [+]

“The Future of the Future of the Book” by S. Heller [+]

“The Golden Section Family” by M. Reynolds [+]

“The Next Page: Thirty TOCs” by AIGA [+]

“The Power of a Limited Palette” by C. Bickford-Smith [+]

“The Reading Brain in the Digital Age,Science of Paper versus Screens” by F. Jabr [+]

“The Reinvention of Print,One App at a Time” by C. Warren [+]

“The Solid Form of Language” by J.D. Berry [+]

“The Transition from Printed to Electronic Book” by ONP [+]

“Top Ten Typefaces Used by Book Design Winners” by S. Coles [+]

“Type Connection” Paring Game by A. Seltzer [+]

“Type That Keeps the Beat” [+]

“Typesetting Mysteries Demystified” by I. Strizver [+]

“Typesetting Tables at 24ways” by M. Boulton [+]

“Typography Is About Reading – And So Are e-Books” by P. Luna [+]

“Unbound [eBook] Pages” by J.D. Berry [+][+]

“What Amazon’s e-Book Strategy Means” by C. Stross: [+]

“What Is Reading? An Excerpt from Reading for Understanding” by C. Cziko et ali [+]

“When Books Are Designed To Be Read” by P. Shaw [+]

“Why E-Books Look So Ugly” [+][+]

“Word Spacing in InDesign” [+][+]

“You Can Read This Book In Your Browser Window” by K. Schwab [+]

“¿Conoces el BOOK?” by PopularLibros [+]

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Dedicated Bibliography [+]

Copyright, IP and Licensing

ATypI Five Basic Rules for Buying Fonts [+]

Adobe Type Licensing Information [+]

Creative Commons (cc) [+]

EULA Chart 2005 [+]

End User License Agreement (EULA) [+]

Font Designer’s Rights Coalition [+]

Font Embedding [+]

SIL Open Font License [+]

The Anonymous License [+]

TypeRight [+]

Typeface Name Check [+]

“ Interview with Erik Spiekermann” by J. Lehni [+]

“A Database of American Typeface Design Patents” by L. Schwarz [+]

“Adobe Creative Cloud Now Allowing Fonts to be Added” thread [+]

“Cory Doctorow On Copyright and Piracy” by Laughland and Bennett [+]

“Educating Students About Font Licensing” by I. Kupferschmid [+]

“Fair Use Doctrine and Copyright Law” by A. Larson [+]

“Fair Use at Work in the Visual Arts” by CMSI [+]

“Font Distribution and Marketing: by S. Coles [+]

“Goldman Sans” by Goldman Sachs [+][+]

“How Long Does It Take For a Font to Become Public Domain?” by T. Phinney [+]

“I Read All the Small Print On the Internet and It Made Me Want to Die” by A. Hern [+]

“Is It Realistic To Want To Start Up a Type Foundry?” by J. Middendorp [+]

“Library Subscriptions: The Future of Fonts? Shall We Sing or Cry?” by S. Coles [+]

“Source Sans Pro: Adobe’s First Open Source Type Family” by P. Hunt [+]

“The Business Side of Fonts” by A. Remoundakis [+]

“Thoughts on Web Licensing” [+]

“What Is the Reason For the High Pricing of TEFF’s Fonts” by S. Coles [+]

“What Kind of Fonts Can I Safely Use While Designing Logos?” [+]

“Why Copyright Needs to Change” by P. Le Dieu [+]

“Why Google Web Fonts Aren’t Really Open Source” by M. Butterick [+]

“Why Typefaces Proliferate Without Copyright Protection” by B. Fry [+][+]

Film and Video

33pt Eskapade Dortmund [+]

Abstract,the Art of Design [+]

Barnbrook Films [+]

Calligraphy Movies at MVK Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy [+]

Creative Morning #13: Erik Spiekermann [+][+][+]

Dalton Maag Pure Reversal [+]

ESAD Personal Views Lectures [+][+]

Forget the Film Watch the Titles [+]

Gerard Unger [+]

Graphic Means [+]

Hillman Curtis Films [+]

House Industries [+]

James Earl Jones Recites the Alphabet [+]

J’adore la Typographie [+]

Kurt Weidemann 1922–2011 (Porsche,Mercedes,Deutsche Bahn,etc.) [+][+]

Learning to Set Type 1959 by Whitten-Appleton [+]

Movie Titles Stills Collection [+]

Oscar-winning Movie Fonts 2015 [+]

Printing 1947 by Holmes Films [+]

Saul Bass On Making Money vs. Quality Work [+]

TypeCulture Movie Resources [+]

Typesetting Linotype 1960 by Salesian Vocational and Technical Schools [+] [+]

“A Lesson on Typography” by the Vancouver Film School [+][+]

“A World Inscribed: The Illuminated Manuscript” by K. McDonough [+]

“Analog Learning in a Digital World” by B. Maag [+][+]

“Artist Video Series Inspiration” by AIGA [+]

“Ben Eine” by Graffiti Sessions [+]

“Bicycle Film Festival ’09 trailer” by M. Mucig [+]

“Birth of a Book” by G. Milner [+]

“Calligraphy Movies” by D. Brown [+]

“Carl Dair at Enschedé: the last days of metal type” [+]

“Cities and Their Typographic Associations” by G. Johansson [+][+]

“Colosseo Type” by Knudson and Moll [+][+]

“Deadline” by B. Liu [+][+]

“Earl Kallemeyn on the Art of the Press” by P. Wall [+]

“Etched in Stone” by C. Dave [+]

“Exit Through the Gift Shop” by Banksy [+][+][+]

“Expression in Form,Rhythm,& Movement“ by J. Stevens [+][+]

“Feeling Good” by T.G. Connolly [+]

“Firefly Letterpress” [+]

“Flickermood 2.0” by S. Lange [+][+]

“Font Conference Drama” by College Humor [+]

“Font Fight” by College Humor [+]

“Fontface” by Atipo [+][+]

“Gail Bichler and the New York Times Magazine” by Frieze Design Matters [+]

“Gill Sans Explained” by M. Dufour [+]

“Hatch Show Print,Letterpress Shop in Nashville Tennessee” by D. Airey [+]

“Heart Made of Sound” by K. Moyes [+]

“Helvetica” by G. Hustwit [+][+]

“Historia de un Letrero ()” by A. Barreda [+][+]

“Introduction To the World of Fonts” by CBS [+]

“Inventing On Principle” by B. Victor [+]

“Just My Type Book Trailer” by Ramchandani and Bierut [+][+]

“Letters in Steen” by M. Bekaert [+]

“Let’s Press” by A. McLeish: [+]

“Linotype: The Film” by D. Wilson [+][+]

“Lost Generation” by AARP [+]

“Martino Gamper Furniture Designer” by Frieze Design Matters [+]

“Monotype Work” by Kat Ran Press [+]

“Moveable Type Truck” by K. Durrie [+]

“Nederland Is Goed In Letters Ontwerpen” by RTL [+]

“Phototypesetting with the Berthold Diatype” by R. Herrmann [+]

“PureReversal” by Build [+][+]

“Reverting to Type” by L. Charlie [+]

“Sidebearings Resources” by R. Toman [+]

“Such Subtle Beauty: Inside the Hammerpress Studio” by Ladesich and Vest [+]

“TXT Island” by C. Gavin [+][+]

“Taller Ditoria” via R. Bolado [+]

“Teaching to See” by I. Druckery [+]

“The Art of Eric Gill” at FactualTV [+]

“The Art of Hermann Zapf” in by H. Peter [+]

“The Art of the Carved Letter” by Muhly and O‘Neill [+]

“The Beauty of Numbers” by S. Kawakami [+][+]

“The Child,NYC” by A. Bardou-Jacquet [+]

“The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics” by N. Juster [+]

“The Font Song” by W. Thompson [+]

“The Gutenberg Press” by S. Fry [+]

“The History of Typography Animated Short” by B. Barret-Forrest [+]

“The Importance of Being Ernestine” by N. Stössinger [+]

“The Last Punchcutter” by Affanni and Chiapparini [+]

“Thinking With My Fingers” by S. Doyle [+]

“Trip Print Press and The Making of FreshSox” by M. Barrett [+]

“Type Principles Introduction Through Letterpress” by L. Kiang [+]

“Typecast” by K. Cho [+]

“Typeface” the Documentary by J. Nagan [+][+][+][+]

“Typographic Design in the Digital Domain” with E. Spiekermann [+][+]

“Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles” by B. Barson [+]

“Upside Down,Left To Right: A Letterpress Film” by D. Cooke [+]

Font Browsers

Chrome WhatFont Font Inspector [+]

Discover.typography by H&Co [+]

Dreystone Font Safari 1.0 (Mac) [+]

Elementar Bitmap Font System (iPad) [+]

Ergonis PopChar (Mac,PC) [+]

Femmebot Google Fonts [+]

Font Match Google Fonts [+]

Font Path Viewer by D. Sayers (online) [+]

FontBook (iPad & iPhone) [+]

FontGazer Plug-In (InDesign) [+]

FontGoggles [+]

FontShop CS Photoshop (plugin) [+]

FontShop Plug-In (Photoshop) [+]

Fontjoy Google Fonts [+]

Fontpair Google Fonts [+]

Fontstand (Mac) [+]

Fount Javascript Webfont Identifier (online) [+]

Lemke FontBook 4.4 (Mac) [+]

Mixfont [+]

MyFontbook (online) [+]

Neuber Typograf 4.8 (PC) [+]

Photolettering (mobile) [+]

Try.typography by H&Co [+]

Typetester Gallery [+]

Typetester by M. Dugonjić (online) [+]

Typography Insight (iPad) [+]

Universal Specimen [+]

VFB QuickLook Plugin [+]

Vertical Metrics Tool by J. Janeček [+]

Web Font Specimen [+]

Wordmark It by F. Özkaramanlı (online) [+]

Font Editors

AFDKO (Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType) [+][+][+]

Autopsy Visual Font Auditing [+]

DTL FontTools [+]

DrawBot [+]

Font Remix Tools [+]

FontForge (Mac,PC,Linux) [+]

FontLab (Mac,PC) [+][+][+]

FontStruct [+][+][+]

Fontself [+][+]

Glyphr Studio HTML [+]

Glyphs [+][+][+][+]

LS Cadencer Tools [+]

MetricsMachine and Prepolator [+]

Prototypo [+]

RoboFab,; “RoboFab Basics” by B. Kiel [+][+]

RoboFont [+]

Robothon [+][+]

Superpolator [+]

YourFonts Handwriting [+]

iKern Tool for Autospacing and Autokerning [+]

“Font Remix Tools” by T. Ahrens [+]

“Font Software Timeline” by P. Amado [+]

“Interpolation Theory” by L. de Groot [+][+]

“Meek Typographic Synthesizer” by Meek and Müller [+]

Font Formats

Bitmap [+][+][+][+]

Font Formats Overview by Adobe [+]

Language Coverage [+]

Multiple Master Fonts [+][+]

OpenType [+]

The OpenType Font File Structure [+]

True Type [+][+]

Typotheque Online Font Tester [+]

WOFF [+][+][+]

“About Font Formats” by D. Maag [+]

“Best FL TrueType Export Setting” [+]

“Font Formats” by A. Segalini [+]

“Font Rasterization: the State of the Art” by R.D. Hersch [+]

“OpenType Glossary” by J.F. Porchez [+]

“The Death of The Pixel Font” by Z. Fernando [+]

“The Difference Between OTF and TTF Fonts” by M. Simonson [+]

“The Hidden Glyphs In Your Fonts” by R. Herrmann [+]

“The OpenType Cookbook” by T. Leming [+]

“TrueType Versus Postscript” [+]

“Type Rendering: Font Outlines and File Formats” by T. brown [+]

Font Management

AMP Font Viewer (PC) [+]

Extensis Suitcase (Mac,PC) [+][+][+]

FontExplorer (Mac) [+][+]

Fontbase (Mac,PC) [+]

High-Logic MainType 1.1 (PC) [+]

Insider FontAgent (Mac) [+][+]

Morrison FontDoctor 7.1 (Mac,discontinued) [+]

Proxima FontExpert (PC) [+]

Typeface (Mac) [+]

X-Fonter (PC) [+]

“Best Font Manager for Mac” by SoftwareHow [+]

“Font Management” by J. Sacks [+]

Fonts and Designers

205TF by A. Savoie and R. Gataud,& al. [+]

<Webtype> MCKL Fort & Shift Web Specimen [+]

<Webtype> News 01/2015 [+]

<Webtype> News 06/2014 [+]

Adobe Type Library Classification [+]

Adobe Type Team [+]

Allium by C. Highsmith [+][+]

Alternatives to Common Fonts [+]

Alternatives to Futura [+][+]

Alternatives to Helvetica [+][+][+][+]

Alternatives to Times New Roman [+][+][+]

Anthropomorphic Manga [+]

Arno Pro by R. Slimbach [+][+]

Audi Corporate Typeface by P. von der Laan [+]

BF Alpine Script [+]

Bigelow & Holmes [+]

Characters Required by Languages [+]

Chromeography Logos and Lettering [+]

Collettivo [+]

Cyrus Highsmith Interview at Typecache [+]

Dalton Maag BBC Custom Font Family [+]

David J. Ross Interview [+]

De Worde by Jeremy Tankard [+]

Designers List [+]

Donger List [+]

ED Awards [+]

Entypo Pictograms by D. Bruce [+]

Erik Spiekermann Interview at FontFont [+]

FF DIN Microsite [+][+]

FF Legato by E. Bloemsma [+][+][+]

FF Real [+]

FF Skill Set “Advertising and Packaging” [+]

FF Skill Set “Corporate and Business” [+]

FF Skill Set “Editorial and Publishing” [+]

Farewell to Mike Parker [+][+]

Farewell to Peter Bruhn [+][+][+]

Font Bureau [+]

Font Identification Guides by M. Yanega [+][+][+][+]

Font Squirrel Free Favorites [+]

FontShop Best Fonts [+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

FontShop CS Photoshop Plugin [+]

FontShop FontFont [+][+]

FontShop Newsletter Archive [+]

Fontdeck [+][+]

Fonts In Use @fontsinuse [+][+]

Fonts in Use [+][+][+][+][+]

Fontscape by Period [+]

Fontshop Gallery [+]

FontwerkDie besten Schriften [+][+][+][+][+][+]

Foundries List [+]

Free Faces Gallery [+]

Free Fonts 2009 Collection [+]

Free Quality Fonts List by V. Friedman [+][+][+]

Free Quality Fonts by J. Buivenga [+][+]

Gerard Unger Interviews [+]

Gerrit Noordzij [+][+][+]

Global Type Searching For Typefaces [+]

Go Font Ur Self [+]

Google Font Directory [+][+]

Google Noto (800 Languages) [+]

Harriet Series Baskerville Revival by J. Cavanaugh [+]

How To Identify a Font [+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

IBM Plex [+][+]

Identyfont [+]

Independent Type Foundries List” by J. Shoaf [+]

Jelle Bosma [+]

Josh Scruggs Interview at Pen Pals [+]

KTF Shöne [+]

Ken Barber House Industries Interview by Gestalten [+]

Kris Sowersby Interview at TAF [+]

LT Fonts in Focus [+]

Lamon by A. Lebedev [+]

Lato Sans by Ł. Dziedzic and Aleo Slab by A. Laiso [+][+]

Legit Free Fonts [+]

Linotype Font Finder [+]

Linotype Fonts by Themes [+]

Loris Oliver Interview at TDC [+]

Lost Type Co-op [+]

Luc Devroye Database [+]

Lucida by C. Bigelow and K. Holmes [+]

MacOS Catalina Font Access [+]

Martina Flor [+]

Matthew Carter Receives MacArthur ‘Genius’ Fellowship [+]

Meta Serif [+]

Mike Abbink Interview at FontFont [+]

Milliard by R. Bieder [+]

MyFonts Best Fonts [+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

MyFonts Newsletter Archives [+]

MyFonts “In Your Face” [+]

MyFonts “Rising Stars” [+]

MyFonts,; [+]

Neue Haas Grotesk by Font Bureau [+]

Omniglot Resources [+]

Open Baskerville Project [+]

Open Font Library [+]

Operator by Andy Clymer [+]

Paul Barnes Interview at Typecache [+]

PhotoLettering [+][+]

Pixel Fonts License-Free [+]

Post Typography ‘Alphabet’ Exhibition [+]

STIX v.2.0 by Tiro Typeworks [+][+]

Sharp Ogg [+]

Simula by J. Sloane [+]

Source Sans Pro Adobe Open Source [+]

Specimenism [+]

Stencil Serif Fonts [+][+]

Sumner Stone TDC Talk [+]

TDC2 Awards [+][+][+]

TEFF Lexicon [+]

The 100 Best Fonts of All Time (Die 100 Besten Schriften) [+]

The Japanese Foundry Scene [+]

The Next Web Best Typefaces [+]

The Week In Type by ILT [+]

Triade by Copper and Brasses [+]

Tropical 1950s Retro Type Inspiration [+]

Type Designers [+][+][+]

Type In Berlin [+]

Type Specimen Group Pool [+]

TypeCity [+]

TypeSQL Typeface Connection Visualization [+]

Typeatlas by O. Jób [+]

Typedia [+]

Typefacts Die besten Schriften [+][+][+][+]

Typekit [+]

Typofonderie Font Discoveries [+]

Typographica Favorite Typefaces [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

Typophile Designers List [+]

Veer Pool [+]

Veer Staff Picks [+]

WLT “We Love Typography” by Boardley and Pätilä [+]

Webfont Service Providers [+]

Wim Crouwel [+][+]

by Dalton Maag Ltd [+]

for the Danish School of Media and Journalism [+][+]

“15 Tips To Choose a Good Text Type” by J.P. De Gregorio [+]

“60 Typefaces For Corporate Design” by V. Friedman [+]

“A Few Good Fonts” by E. Lupton [+]

“As Ferrari Is to Cars,Novarese Is To Type” by I. Kupferschmid [+][+][+][+][+]

“Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age” by S. Taylor (H. Zapf) [+]

“Creative Alphabets” by L. Frank [+]

“Creative Alphabets” by R. Miller [+]

“Creative Characters” by MyFonts [+]

“FB Input Font for Coding,Process” by D.J. Ross [+]

“Familiar Faces” by A. Haley [+]

“Favourite Fonts” by D.J. Ross [+]

“Font or Typeface” by Y. Peters [+][+][+]

“Font/Typeface Terms Survey Results” by T. Phinney [+]

“Fonts” by J. Kottke [+]

“For Electronic Types,a Mark of Distinction” by A. Rawsthorn [+]

“Forma by DJR Broadcasts the NWS” by Y. Peters [+]

“Free Fonts Are a Myth” by J. Felici [+]

“Free Fonts Manifesto” by E. Lupton [+][+]

“Frutiger Talk” by M. Simonson [+][+]

“Graphic Drawing Pens Review” by J. Scruggs [+]

“HEX” by N. Sherman [+][+]

“Haas Unica; a Legendary Redesign of Helvetica,Reborn After 30 Years” by K. Vanhemert [+][+]

“How Does One Assess the Mood of a Typeface” [+]

“How To Choose the Right Face for a Beautiful Body” by D. Reynolds [+]

“Inclined To Be Dull (on Helvetica)” by M. Majoor [+]

“Internet :-) :-( Smilings or Emoticons” by A. Harmon [+][+]

“John Baskerville and the Beauty of Letters” by HWM [+]

“Ken Barber Interview” by T. Wilkins [+]

“Letterboxes” by J. Mickel [+][+]

“Library of Type Specimens” by R. Herrmann [+]

“Memories of Adrian Frutiger” by M. Comte [+][+]

“Mistakes in Typography Grate the Purists” by A. Rawsthorn [+]

“MoMA Acquires Digital Typefaces; What Does That Mean?” by J. Kottke [+]

“Modern Suite: Figgins and Scoth Roman” by N. Shinn [+][+]

“Our Favorite Fonts” [+]

“Periodic Table of Typefaces” by C. Wilde [+][+]

“Rare Type Specimens” by R. Herrmann [+]

“Reasons to Choose a Particular Typeface For a Project” by M. Bierut [+]

“Recasting Electra as Aluminia” by J. Parkinson [+]

“Roboto UI Google Material Design” review by S. Coles [+][+]

“Selecting Typefaces for Body Text” by T. Brown [+]

“Sweden Typeface” by S. Hattenbach (Söderhavet) [+][+]

“TDC Top 100 Typefaces” by P. Shaw [+]

“TYPO London 2012 Sketchnotes” by E.-L. Lamm [+]

“The Boldest Font” thread [+]

“The Definitive Guide to Free Fonts” by J. Shoaf [+]

“The Design Process of by Ruzicka by J. Ragan [+]

“The Design of Helvetica Greek For Photocomposition” by H. Lekka [+]

“The Logos of Web 2.0” by S. Coles [+]

“The Scourge of Arial” by M. Simonson [+]

“Times New Roman Is Not the Enemy” by B. Dawson [+]

“Tips for Choosing the Best Webfonts” by J. Cranford [+]

“Type Census,Type Foundries Today” by S. Coles [+]

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10 Typographical Rules [+]

Artic Paper [+]

Betutan [+]

Bibliopolis Glossary [+]

DTP Typometer – ; ; ; ; ; [+][+][+][+][+]

Foamtrain [+]

FontShop Typeface Anatomy Glossary [+]

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Graphion [+]

Lexicon Wikipédia Summary [+]

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Metric Typographic Units [+][+][+]

Mimi Glossaries [+]

OpenType Features [+][+][+]

Packaging Gateway Glossary [+]

ParaType [+]

RSUB [+]

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SIL Scripts Glossary [+]

Sappi Prepress [+]

Terminologia Tipográfica [+]

The Jargon Words [+]

Type Anatomy by Boms and Hutchinson [+]

Type Anatomy by Pecina and Březina [+]

Type Measurement [+]

Typographic Design Glossary by Carter and Meggs [+]

Typography Deconstructed [+]

Typolexikon [+]

Typowiki Terminology [+]

WGA ART Glossary [+]

Wikimedia <Typography> [+]

[return to page] [+]

iPhone Typography Manual [+]

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AAT Font Quality Specification [+]

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1923 ATF Specimen Book [+][+]

20th Century Type Designers [+]

A2-TYPE Typewriter [+]

ABC [+]

Alexander Verberne [+]

Animated GIFs Illustrating the Art of Japanese Wood Joinery” [+]

Antique Tuscan Serif Style [+][+][+]

Arabic Typography [+]

BBC 1971 Digital Composition Room [+]

Basque (Euskara) by T. Arsaut [+]

Beatrice Warde [+][+]

Berlin Letterpress Workshop [+]

Berlin Museum of Letters [+]

Briar Press Letterpress Community [+]

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Codex 99 Archive [+]

Computer History [+][+]

Counterspace [+]

Doug Wilson [+]

Dutch Government Corporate Typeface [+][+]

Edu-chart by E. Bloemsma [+]

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Historical Type and Lettering Pool [+]

History of Devanagari Letterform Design in India [+]

History of Western Typography [+]

IBM Composer Pavilion (DTP Before the Computer) [+]

Incunabula,Dawn of Western Printing [+]

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Morris Online Edition [+]

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Printing & Typesetting History [+][+]

Rencontres Internationales de Lure [+]

Romain du Roi [+][+][+][+]

Scans From Bodoni’s Books [+]

Sereno Editore [+]

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Type Design 1470—1840 [+]

Type Foundries Timeline [+]

Typographic Timeline [+][+]

Typography Museums & Library Directory [+]

Typography at Wikipedia [+]

WNY Book Arts Center Letterpress [+]

William Caxton [+]

Woodtyper [+]

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“The Differences Between a Grotesk and a Neo Grotesk Typeface” thread [+]

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Information Design

Dedicated Linkography [+]

Kinetic Type

Emotional Fractal by Levitated [+]

Graffiti Analysis by E. Roth [+]

Heterosis by B. Banton [+]

How Skywriting Works (1935 aerial Chevrolet advertisement) [+]

LT (by H. von Döhren) Short Film by J. Barnbrook: [+]

Saul Bass and Harold Adler,at: [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

Serial Cut [+]

TYP3D [+]

Title Sequences Interviews by Thunder Chunky [+]

Trollbäck + Company [+][+]

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“Devil's Advocate” Al Pacino's Speech [+]

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“Offf 2013 Cincinnati Opening Titles” by O. Senturk [+]

“Palindrome” by Troika for V&A: [+][+][+]

“Sabah-NYT Turkish Edition” by Q. Michalski [+][+]

“Stephen Fry’s ‘’” by M. Rogers: [+][+][+]

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“Typography in Exploding-fluid Form” by H. Almossawi [+]

“Wood Type” by Txaber [+]

“iQ Font: ” by Pleaseletmedesign [+]


AdeLE Eye Tracking Prototype [+]

Adobe “Taking It In” [+]

Alphabetic Letter Similarity Matrices [+]

Clearview Highway Typeface [+][+][+][+][+]

Design To Read Resources [+]

Eye Chart [+][+][+]

Eye Movement References [+]

Flesch Readability Index [+]

Gaze Movement and Focal Points [+]

Graffiti Comic Strip by P. Selby,; [+][+]

Legibility vs. Readability [+]

Luciole by CTRDV [+]

Max Kerning [+]

Mencap by FontSmith [+][+][+]

Progetto-EXP [+]

Rate of Reading Test [+]

Read Regular [+]

Reading Online Text [+]

Retina Typeface Specimen [+][+][+][+]

Science of Word Recognition [+]

Spritz (Reading Reimagined) [+][+]

The Neural Basis of Reading [+]

Type-Syntactic () by J.B. Piggin [+][+]

Typography for Children [+]

Why People Don’t Read Online [+]

“A Rant on Typography and Spacing” by B. Gardner [+]

“A Typeface For Reading” by R. Waller [+]

“ADD and Words per Line (Design for Attention)” by L. Powell [+]

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“Designing Effective Medicine Labels for Hong Kong Citizens” by Kwok and Tam [+]

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“Do Readers of Chinese Get Dyslexia in the Same Way English Reading People Do?” [+]

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“Does a Large x-height Make Fonts More Legible?” by R. Herrmann [+]

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“Emotion and Attention in Cortical Responses to Written Words” by Bayer et al. [+][+]

“Eye Tracking (Gaze Paths) Are Strongly Influenced By Given Instructions” by S. Weinschenk [+]

“Features for Identification of Uppercase and Lowercase Letters” by D. Fiset [+]

“Fonts and Authority Perception” [+]

“Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro” by M. Carter [+][+][+]

“Good Legibility Tests For Typefaces” [+]

“Grover” by S. Castle [+]

“Guidelines for the Label and Package Leaflet of Medicinal Products for Human Use” [+]

“How Much the Eye Tells the Brain” at E. Tufte [+][+]

“How To Train Yourself To Speed Read” by C. Dobrin [+]

“How Typefaces Influence the Way We Read and Think” by C. Gayomali [+]

“How to Measure Typographic Accessibility” by S. de Rozario [+]

“Hygiene of Reading” by E. Lupton [+]

“If it’s Hard to Read,it’s Hard to Do” by Song and Schwarz [+]

“Impaired Visibility Typeface Test Report” by S. Egger [+]

“It’s All Down to How Fast You React” by J. Petre [+]

“Kevin Larson On the 2013 Morris Experiment” by S. Coles [+]

“Large vs. Small Type Sizes” [+]

“Legibility in Typeface Design for Screen Interfaces” by J. Neumeier [+]

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“On Dowding’s ” [+]

“On Reading With a Theme” by M. Brown,; [+][+]

“On the Typography of Flight-Deck Documentation” by A. Degani (1992) [+]

“Optotypes,Eye Charts in Focus” by Frear and Hoefler [+]

“Perception of Fonts: ” by Shaikh et al. [+]

“Physiology of Reading ()” by T. Huot-Marchand [+]

“Reading and Driving” by V. Hanlon [+]

“Scientific Reasons People Are Wired To Respond To Visual Marketing” by A. Tate [+]

“Seeing vs. Reading” by R. Ammer [+]

“Stat Type Family Development” by J. Kožuh [+][+]

“Text Treatment and the User Interface” by T. Komischke [+]

“The Aesthetic of Reading” by Larson and Picard [+]

“The Effects of Onscreen Typeface Personality” by R. Hazlett [+]

“The Evolution of the Human Eye” by S.D. Pitman [+][+]

“The Magic of Reading” by B. Hill [+][+][+]

“The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading” by E.B. Huey (1908) [+]

“The Science (and Feeling) Behind Fonts” by M. Cho [+][+]

“The Visual Nuclei Hypothesis” [+][+][+][+]

“Type Design for Children with Low Vision” by R. Hermann [+]

“Typeface Legibility: Towards defining familiarity (PhD)” by S. Beier [+][+]

“Typeface for a School Book” [+]

“Voters Annoyed by Hard-to-Read Ballots” by M. Grynbaum [+]

“What Font Saves the Most Ink” thread [+]

“What Is the Most Important OS” by B. Hill [+][+]

“What Makes Some Fonts More Readable Than Others” [+]

“Which Are More Legible: Serif or Sans?” by A. Poole [+][+]


About Greta by P. Biľak [+][+]

About Gulliver by G. Unger [+]

About Impact by G. Lee [+][+]

About Swift by G. Unger [+][+][+][+]

Award-Winning Newspaper Designs 2007 [+][+]

Award-Winning Newspaper Designs 2008 [+][+][+][+]

Collection of Chinese Masthead Clip-Art [+]

Corriere Della Sera [+][+]

D&D Awards 2009 [+]

Garcia Media [+]

Guardian Collection by Barnes and Schwarts [+][+]

Historical Newspapers [+]

Jim Parkinson [+][+][+]

Mark Porter [+]

NYT Times Reader 2.0 [+][+]

New York Times [+][+][+]

New York Times Magazine [+]

News Designer [+]

Newseum [+][+][+]

Newspaper Design Day 2006 (St Bride) [+]

Newspaper Fonts,,,; [+][+][+][+] Create Your Newspaper [+]

Phone Book Typography [+]

Portland Press Herald “Sitting Pretty” by W. Watson [+]

Poynter Online on Journalism [+]

RSS Readers [+][+]

Redesigning the Pennsylvania Indipendent College Newspaper [+]

Roger Black [+]

Ron Reason [+]

SF Chronicle Redesign [+][+][+]

SND Society for News Design [+][+]

SPD Society of Publication Designers [+]

Spectra Visual Newsreader [+]

Sydsvenskan [+]

Tablet Publishing to Welcome Newspaper [+][+]

The Boston Globe’s Brand Integration Across Media [+]

The British Library Newspapers Catalogue [+]

The Times [+][+][+][+][+]

Walter Tracy [+]

Äripäev,; [+][+]

“Best of Newspaper Design” by The Society for News Design [+]

“Elements of Typography” by A.V. Wagener [+][+]

“FF Dagny,Evolution of a Newspaper Type Font” by M.R. García [+]

“Fonts on the Front Pages” by Ascender Corp. [+][+]

“Gerard Unger Brings Atmosphere to the Front Page News” by J.L. Walters [+]

“Il Re Designer Quotidiano” and ”IL” by F. Franchi [+][+][+]

“Irritating Readers For Fun and Profit” by Brass Tacks Design [+]

“Make a Book From Newspaper Front Pages” by J. Mickel [+]

“News on Paper in the Digital Age” by J.D. Berry [+]

“Newspaper Font Size” [+]

“Newspaper Website Trends and Examples” by S. Snell [+]

“Newspapers Told to Shift Gears or Be Stuck in the Mud” by M. Abu-Fadil [+]

“Printing The NYT and Kindle” by N. Carlson [+][+]

“Rare Newspapers” by T. Huges [+][+]

“Reading Paths on Newspaper Spreads” by Holsanova et al. [+]

“The Typography of News” by P. Hall [+]

“White; ISOnewspaper26v4” by M. Kramer [+]

“Workflow for Newspapers” by M. Picasso [+]


Allan Haley’s ABC Psychogenesis [+]

Bi-directional Text [+]

Chinese and Japanse Calligraphy Styles [+]

Cuneiform Mesopotamia Glossary by R. Hooker [+]

Dedicated Linkography [+]

Egyptian Hieroglyphs [+]

Etruscan Alphabet [+]

Euboean Alphabet [+][+]

Evolution of Latin Alphabet [+]

Exercises in Latin Paleography [+]

Handout on ABC Evolution [+]

History of Chinese Calligraphy [+]

History of Devanagari Letterform Design in India [+]

History of the Arabic Alphabet [+]

Kanji [+]

Nazca Geoglyphs [+]

Origins of Hebrew Writing [+]

Palaeography Online Tutorial [+]

Paléographie Latine [+]

Papyrus [+][+][+]

Sanskrit Trasncriptions [+][+][+]

Tabula Gladiatoria in Itálica [+]

Tartessian Script [+][+]

The Development of the Western Alphabet [+]

Types of Writing Systems [+]

Writing Systems Omniglot Resources [+]

“,the Greek Alphabet” @Codex99 [+]

“About the History of Writing” by MVK-CMK [+]

“Alphabet Evolution” by G. Boeree,,; [+][+][+]

“Before the Printing Press”,Cary GAC [+]

“Carbon Dating Reveals Earliest Origins of Zero Symbol” by Oxford [+]

“Communication Through Writing” by L. Kaehler [+]

“History of Writing and Calligraphy” [+]

“History of the Alphabets” by R. Fradkin [+][+]

“History of the Alphabet” by Khan Lab [+][+]

“Krazy About K” by P. Patton [+]

“La Ghenizah Italiana” by M. Perani [+]

“Lecture on History of the Alphabet” by J. Ross [+]

“Mysterious Stones Mark the Site of the Garden of Eden” by T. Cox [+]

“New Written Language of Ancient Scotland” by J. Viegas [+]

“Old Babylonian,” by O. Nabeel [+]

“Palaeography” Definition [+]

“Paleography of Punctuation” by S. Reimer [+]

“Scripts and Formal Bookhands Course” by M. Twycross [+]

“The Alphabets Chart” by [+]

“The Evolution of Writing” by D. Allen,illustration by H.-E. Meier [+]

“The Hangul Alphabet of Korea” by J. Han [+]

“The Print Clock: A Method for Dating Early Books and Prints” by S.B. Hedges [+]

“Toilet Papyrus: A Papyrus of Homer Used as Toilet Paper“ by B.C. Jones [+]

“Type Ramblings from Afrika” by S. Mafundikwa [+]


26 Articles for Typography Lovers [+]

AA Files [+]

ADF (Anti Design Festival) Manifesto [+]

Adgoodness [+]

Allworth Press [+]

Answers to AIGA’s Ultimate Typography Quiz [+] channel by J. Anderson [+]

Artnet [+]

Avant Garde by Herb Lubalin [+]

Balla Dora Typo-Grafika [+]

Baseline [+]

But Does It Float [+]

Codex [+]

Counter-Print: art and design related material [+]

Creative Review [+]

CreativePro [+][+]

Dada Journal [+]

Design Observer: [+]

Designchat Typography [+]

Dirk Knemeyer [+]

Discretionary Ligatures [+]

Ellen Lupton’s [+]

Encore [+]

Ergonaut: [+]

FGD1 The Archive [+]

Ffffound! [+]

Fine Typography by Monotype [+]

Focal Press [+]

Font Bureau David Berlow’s Type Specimens [+]

FontShop Newsletter Archive [+]

Friends of Type [+]

Good Fucking Design Advice [+]

Hyphen Press [+]

Ibiblio Famous Artworks Exhibition [+]

Images & Text Experiment [+]

It’s Nice That [+]

John D. Barry’s [+]

Johnson Banks [+]

La Police Footnotes [+]

Logobook [+]

Lyrics and Type [+]

Manystuff [+]

Mark Batty Publisher [+]

Maurice Meilleur [+]

Max Bruinsma’s at Eye [+]

Michael Bierut’s [+]

Monoscope [+]

Mr. Typo [+]

Multi,The RIT Journal [+]

Nice Web Type [+]

Nijhof & Lee [+]

P-DPA Post-digital Publishing Archive [+]

Pingmag [+]

Pingmag [+]

Princeton Architectural Press [+]

RBtL () [+]

ReType [+]

Rob Giampietro’s [+]

Rob Waller’s [+]

SPD Society of Publication Designers [+]

Sage Journals [+]

Scroll Magazine [+]

Seeking Inspiration Conference [+]

Show Us Your Type (Type and Cities) [+]

Spatium [+]

Steven Heller [+]

TEAL by J. Deck [+]

TYPE Magazine [+]

TYPO Talks [+]

Text Wrap [+]

The Daily Heller [+]

The Little Bookroom [+]

The Magazine [+]

The Serif Publishing [+]

The Week In Type by ILT [+]

Tipográfica [+]

Titus Nemeth’s [+]

Type For Now Handlettering [+]

Typo [+]

Typographic Verses From the Bible [+]

Typographische Monatsblätter [+]

Typoster [+]

Typotheque [+]

Typowiki Books [+]

U&lc Searchable PDFs [+]

Vintage Graphics [+]

WGA ART Database [+]

Winterhouse Editions [+]

Works That Work [+]

“Design Will Save the World (poster)” by E. Spekermann [+]

“The Science Bookstore” by J. Ptak [+]

“You Designed a New Typeface,Now How Do You Sell It?” by Atipo [+]

Screen Web Typography

247 Web Usability Guidelines [+]

@font-face [+][+]

Adobe Partners With Typekit [+][+]

Aloha Editor [+]

Apple San Francisco Fonts [+][+][+][+]

CSS Font Stacks Roundup [+]

ClearType,,,,,; [+][+][+][+][+][+]

FitText Web Plugin [+]

Flash Player v.10 Text Engine [+]

Font-To-Width Script [+]

Fontdeck [+][+] Web Fonts Tutorial [+]

Fontshop on Web Fonts [+][+][+]

Fontstand [+]

Fount Javascript Webfont Identifier (online) [+]

Google Font Directory [+][+]

Hot To Improve Web Typography [+]

Java 2 Platform SE 5.0 Class Font [+]

Jeffrey Zeldman Web Design Manifesto [+]

MS Nina,Verdana and Tahoma Compared [+][+]

Monotype Spark Bitmap Solution [+]

Mozilla Open Source Font [+]

Punctuator RSS Feeds and Punctuation Marks by K. Çanlıoğlu [+]

Responsive Measure jQuery Plugin for Responsive Typography [+]

Responsive Typography Demo [+]

SASS Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet [+]

ScreenSmart H&FJ Webfonts [+]

Scroll Magazine [+]

Stacey Lightweight Content Management System [+]

Syntax for OpenType Features in CSS (liga,smcp,onum,etc.) [+]

The State of Web Type [+]

Tool for Web Browsers [+][+][+]

Typecast for Monotype Imagine [+][+][+]

Typekit [+][+][+]

Typeplate Web Typography Starter [+]

Typography Is Impossible” by M. Wichary [+]

Typotheque Web Font Service [+][+]

Ubunto Font Family and Website Guidelines [+][+]

W3C Specification: [+]

WOFF by WebFonts Working Group [+][+]

Web 2.0 Style Guide [+]

Web Fonts Awards [+]

Webfont Service Providers [+]

Webfontday Conferences by TGM [+]

Webtype (“”: a group of fonts for small sizes on screen) [+][+]

Webydo Code-free Website Design [+]

WordPress [+][+]

Writer for iPad [+]

“.webfont Proposal by Leming and van Blokland,; [+][+][+][+][+]

“@font-face Observer” by B. Stein [+]

“A Look Into Better Typography for Modern Websites” by J. Rocheleau [+]

“A New Decisive Step Towards More Typographic Diversity on the Web” by Y. Peters [+]

“A Short History of Body Copy Sizes on the Web” by F. Verschelde [+]

“About Those Vector Icons” by K. Grouchnikov @kirillcool: [+]

“An Overview of Web Font Services” by S. Egger [+]

“Apps For All: Coding Accessible Web Applications” by H. Pickering [+]

“Art Direction and Design” by D. Mall [+]

“BBC World Service Language Websites: User Experience and Typography” by K. Çanlıoğlu [+]

“Baseline Framework” by ProjectUrbain [+]

“Better Justified Web Text” thread [+]

“Bibliotype,Longform Base Typography for Tablets” by Craig Mod [+]

“Books That Are Never Done Being Written” by N. Carr [+]

“Bringing Responsiveness to Apps” by O. Reichenstein [+]

“CSS Font-Feature-Settings OpenType Demo” by R. Rutter [+]

“Characteristics of Type on the Web (WSG3)” by Lynch and Horton [+]

“Chester Jenkins on Webfonts” interview with Eye Magazine [+][+]

“Controlling Web Typography” by T. Walton [+]

“DPI for Dummies: Images on Mobile Devices”,by C. Cohen [+]

“Design for a Target Experience First” by N. Ford [+]

“Digital Is Not an Excuse for Bad Typography” by R. Fink [+]

“E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps” by Zickuhr and Rainie [+]

“Enhancements to Georgia and Verdana Typeface Families” by B. Davis [+]

“Flexible Typesetting” by T. Brown [+]

“Font Metrics and Vertical Space in CSS” by T. Brown [+]

“Fuck the Foundries” by M. Pilgrim [+]

“Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro” by M. Carter [+]

“Golden Age of Type Blogs” at Eye [+]

“Guide To Web Typography” by J. Boardley (iLT) [+]

“Hand Drawn Icons” by V. Carrer [+][+]

“Harboiled Web Design” by A. Clarke [+]

“How Google Designed an E-Book Font For Any Screen: ” by Google & TypeTogether [+][+]

“How People with Disabilities Use the Web” by W3C [+]

“Hypenation Arrives in Firefox and Safari” by Fontdeck [+]

“Hyphenator.js” by Google [+]

“Hypher” by B. Stein [+]

“In Defense of Readers” by M. Brown [+][+]

“Information Design Is Typography (Web Design Is 95% Typography)” by O. Reichenstein [+]

“Inspirational Typography in Web Design” at Pattern Tap [+]

“Introduction to The Web Standards Curriculum” by C. Mills [+]

“Layout” at [+]

“Live Font Interpolation on the (Responsive) Web” by A. Johnson [+]

“Material Honesty on the Web” by K. Goldman [+]

“Molten Leading (or,Fluid Line-Height),by T. Brown [+][+]

“More Meaningful Typography” by T. Brown [+]

“Moving From Print To Screen” by J. Clark [+][+]

“Nice Web Type” by T. Brown [+][+][+]

“O-rule + Golden Proportion fpr Calculating the Gurre in the Grid” by v. Carrer [+]

“On Web Typography’ by J. Santa Maria [+]

“Panel Discussion About the Design of E-Books” with P. van Blokland [+]

“Perspective in Icon Design” by V. Tran [+]

“Pixel Proliferation Toolset” by Punchcut [+]

“Pixel-fitting” by D. Curtis [+]

“Print and Web Typography in Design Education” by by A. Papaelias [+][+]

“Readable Web” by R. Fink [+]

“Redesign: Scales and Hierarchy” by F. Chimero [+]

“Responsive Typography is a Physical Discipline […]” by N. Sherman [+]

“Revised Web Fonts Proposal” [+]

“Robin Nicholas,Creator of Arial,Comments on Web Fonts” by P. Serrão [+]

“Screen Fonts: An Abbr. Hist.” by D. Berlow [+]

“Setting Type for (UI) User Interfaces” by B. Whited [+]

“Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid” by W. Miner [+]

“Stricking Web Sites With Font Stacks That Inspire” by V. Vivian [+]

“TeX Line Breaking Algorithm in JavaScript” by B. Stein [+]

“The Best Online Reading Experience” by S.D. Quinn [+]

“The Changing Typography of the Web” D. Netburn [+]

“The Different Faces of Type ” by K. Lueke [+]

“The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web” by R. Rutter [+]

“The Essential Guide to @font-face” by J. Johnson [+]

“The Fiske Reading Machine,the 1922 ‘Kindle’” @incunabola [+]

“The Hazy Future of Web Typography” by C. Foresman [+]

“The Typography-out Approach In the World of Browser-based Web Design” by E.J. Stocks [+]

“The Ultimate Usability Resource Roundup Posts” by J. Creech [+]

“The Web Leaders Hate Typography (But Not For Long)” by S. Godin [+]

“The Web’s Grain” by F. Chimero [+][+]

“The iPad's Screen Under the Microscope” by L. Mathis [+]

“Thoughts on Web Licensing” [+]

“Tim Brown on More Perfect Typography” by Y. Peters [+][+]

“Type Rendering: Font Outlines and File Formats” by T. brown [+]

“Type Rendering: Review,and Fonts That Render Well” by T. Brown [+]

“Type Study: An Example of Lettering.js” by T. Walton [+]

“Typewolf Webtype Examples” by J. Shoaf [+][+]

“Typographica Redesign” by T. Brown [+]

“Typography Is Important” by V. Vasinov [+]

“Typography On the Web” [+]

“Unbound [eBook] Pages” by J.D. Berry [+][+]

“Unreadable” by J. Clark [+][+]

“Using System UI Fonts In Web Design: A Quick Practical Guide’ by M. Wichary [+]

“Web Fonts At TypeCon 09/10” [+][+][+][+]

“Web Fonts” by D. Berlow [+]

“Web Style Guide” by Lynch and Horton [+]

“Web Typography Sucks” by Rutter and Boulton [+]

“Webfonts Support” by L. de Groot [+]

“What Led to the Popularity of Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson” [+]

“What Makes Someone Leave a Website?” by J. Brockmeier [+]

“What if Testing Was a Part of the Design” by S. Ruluks [+][+]

“Windows Vista Fonts Compared to Typical Web Fonts” C. Montoya [+]

“Wordlings in a Web 2.0 World” by C. Lee [+]

“Working with Typography” by S. Howe [+]

“Writing Style for Print vs. Web” by J. Nielsen [+]

“iPad Apps for Typography Fans” by M. Garcia [+]

“iPad Blows Kindle Out of the Water” by B. Hill [+][+]

“iPad: Kids,Brand Expression and Archetypes” by T. Girvin [+]

“” by Seifert and Kutilek: [+]

Technical Support

+0.25% .js Type Sizer InDesign Palette by van Blokland and Ford [+][+]

AIGA Use of Fonts [+][+]

AOTS (Annotated OpenType Specifications) [+]

ASCII (American Standard for Information Interchange) [+]

Acrobat [+][+][+]

Acrobat X Essential Training [+]

Adobe Apps Explained [+]

Adobe Optical Size [+]

Adobe Products [+][+][+][+]

Adobe Support [+]

Arabic Fonts for Mac [+]

Basic Set of Characters Needed in a Non-Roman Font [+]

Certified PDF [+]

Character Palette in Leopard [+]

Clear Font Cache [+]

Compatibility Tables for Features in HTML5,CSS3,SVG,etc. [+]

DTP Tools [+]

Designer’s Toolkit [+]

Diacritics Project by F. Blažek [+]

Ergonis Typinator [+]

Ergonomics Human Centered Design [+]

Fiery VUE Printing by EFI [+]

FitText Web Plugin [+]

Font Inspector Analytics .py [+]

Font Language Coverage [+]

FontLab Keyboard Shortcuts [+]

Free Online File Converter [+]

Google CSS API [+]

Graphemica [+]

Graphemica Unicode Browser [+]

Guide [+][+]

HTML ASCII Codes [+]

Hebrew Typography Group at Typophile [+]

How To Change Keyboard Layout in Windows [+]

How To Take a Screenshot [+]

How to Install Fonts [+]

ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Character List [+][+][+]

Image Resolution [+]

InDesign Help Resource Centre [+]

InDesign Scripts by D. Rodney [+]

InDesign Scripts by T. Silkjaer [+]

InDesign Tabs and Nested Styles Tutorial [+]

Kerning Text [+]

Language Characters Required Samples [+]

Language Support Glyphs [+]

Languages Supported by Latin-1 Encoding (ISO 8859-1) [+][+]

Letter Frequency Meter [+]

List of Typographic Features [+]

MUFI,the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative [+]

MacOSX Fonts List,10.3 ; 10.4 [+][+]

Make Kern File InDesign Script [+]

Matrix of Fonts Bundled with Mac and Windows OSs,MS Office and Adobe CS [+]

Media Training UK Courses [+]

Monotype Language Control [+]

MyFonts International Typography [+]

Nitro PDF Editor (Windows) [+]

Notes on Underware Latin Plus [+]

OS X Features and Shortcuts [+][+]

OS X.10 System Font Replacement [+]

Omniglot Tower of Babel [+]

Online File Converter [+]

Online File Converter [+]

Online epub PDF Converter [+]

OpenType Feature Support in Applications [+]

OpenType Unfolded [+][+][+]

OpenType User Guide for Adobe Fonts [+]

PDF Standards [+]

PDF to Word Converter [+]

Pan-European WGL Character Set [+][+][+]

Permament Press Filter [+][+]

Phonetic Fonts [+]

PostScript Print Driver (⌘P .pdf),; [+][+]

PrimoPDF Browser Plugin [+]

Quite PDF Editing Plug-ins [+]

Qwerty Keyboard Layout [+]

Rutgers Guidelines by C. Hedrick [+]

SIL,Computers and Writing Systems [+]

ScriptSource [+]

Shubert PDF Browser Plugin [+]

Shubert Word Browser Plugin [+]

Standard 35 PostScript Fonts Built Into PostScript Printers [+]

Standard Windows Fonts [+][+]

Ten Typographic Mistakes Everyone Makes [+]

The ISO 8859 Alphabet Soup [+]

The Language of Šekspīrs (on EU Diacritics) [+]

TypeIt Online Diacritics Keyboard [+]

Unicode [+]

Unicode Character Code Charts [+][+][+][+]

Unicode Character Search [+]

Unicode Table [+]

Using Fonts with OSX,10.3 ; 10.4 [+][+]

Varnishing [+]

Village—OpenType Kerning [+]

Win Central and East European Drivers [+]

Windows Keyboard Layouts [+]

by W. Adams,; [+]

iKern Tool for Autospacing and Autokerning [+]

iOS Fonts [+]

vfb2ufo Font Converter [+]

“A Descriptive Framework for Chinese–English Bilingual Typography” by K. Tam [+]

“African Language Support” [+]

“Arabic-Latin Combinations (Multi Language Fonts)” [+]

“Automatic Page Numbering” by I. Strizver [+]

“Cedilla vs Undercomma Debate” [+]

“Chinese Character Identification” by K. Lunde [+]

“Context of Diacritic,Languages” O. Jób [+]

“Designing Accents and Diacritics FontLab Tutorial” by V. Gaultney [+]

“Diacritics for Small Caps” [+][+]

“Find Same Length Words .py” by R. Craze [+]

“Font Family Naming in FontLab” by A. Twardoch [+]

“Font Naming & OT Production” by K. Luecke [+]

“Fraction Fever” by T. Leming [+]

“Gentium – a Typeface For the Nations” by V. Gaultney [+]

“Get Typographically Correct Text from Word (.doc)” by I. Strizver [+]

“Giving and Receiving Design Feedback” by G. Leonidas [+]

“Good Designers Redesign,Great Designers Realign” by C. Moll [+][+]

“Good Tilde Design” by M. Stuckwisch [+]

“How NOT to Draw Accents” by D.J. Ross [+]

“How do the Japanese write,exactly?” by T. Izumo [+]

“How to Use Angled Guidelines in FontLab” by J. Buivenga [+]

“InDesign Black Output on PDF Export” [+]

“Managing Fonts on OSX” by Extensis [+]

“Multilingual Text” by K. Mansour [+]

“Multiple Character Styles Script” by T. Silkjaer [+]

“On Diacritics” by D. Březina [+]

“On Diacritics” by Y. De Bels [+]

“OpenType Font Production” by K. Luecke [+]

“OpenType Glossary” by J.F. Porchez [+]

“OpenType Stylistic Sets” [+]

“Politic and Type” [+]

“Problems of Diacritic Design” by V. Gaultney [+][+]

“Representing IPA phonetics in ASCII” by E. Kirshenbaum [+]

“Rich Black vs. Plain Black” by D. van Holten [+]

“The Concept of the Font” by Acharya [+]

“The Hidden Glyphs In Your Fonts” by R. Herrmann [+]

“The Quote-like on the Keyboard” by Peterson and Hallmundur [+]

“The Three-Letter Approach to Kerning” by I. Strizver [+]

“TrueType & PostScript Type 1: What’s the Difference?” by T.W. Phinney [+]

“Typography For Lawyers” [+]

“WPF Microsoft Font Selection Model” by Leonov and Brown [+]

“Webfonts Support” by L. de Groot [+]

“Webfonts with Stylistic Sets,Notes & Observations” by Hoefler & Co. [+]

“World-Ready Composer in Adobe CS4” by T. Phinney [+]

“Ð/ð and Þ/þ; The Icelandic Language” by A. Kandal [+]

⌘C⌘V [+]

Technical Writing

247 Web Usability Guidelines [+]

Acrobat Printing Guide [+]

Adobe Accessibility Standards [+][+]

Bloomerang Terminal Screen [+]

DYMO Embossing Type Labelmaker [+][+][+]

Design and Print Production [+]

Editorially (Collaborative Writing) [+]

Exponent () [+]

File Format Info [+][+]

For Your [Typographic] Information [+]

HTML5 [+]

History of Dictionaries [+][+][+]

ISO Standard Paper Sizes [+][+][+][+]

InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts [+]

International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA 2010) [+]

JTHTL Journal on Telecommunication and High Technology Law [+]

LCM/GCF Least Common Multiple [+][+]

LaTeX Special Characters [+]

Machine Tags for Type [+]

Metafont Computer Language [+]

Metric Kerning vs Optical Kerning [+]

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions [+]

Office of the Yale University Printer [+]

PDF/X [+]

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format [+][+]

Paperist [+]

Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility [+]

Proofreaders’ Marks [+]

QR-Code (Quick Response Code) [+][+]

Review of Adobe InDesign CS2 [+]

Sequential or Progressive Numbers in Formulas Rows Function [+]

Spaces [+]

Text Cleaner Functions by TextSoap [+]

The Euro '€' Symbol,,,,; [+][+][+][+][+]

UTF-8 Miscellaneous Symbols and Emojii [+][+]

Understanding and Working with Print Signatures and Folding them Into a Booklet [+]

Video Design and Production [+]

Visualizing Algorithms” by M. Bostok [+][+]

Web Design [+]

Web Design Resources at ScrunchUp [+]

WordPress Tips and Tricks [+]

XMP Extensible Metadata Platform [+]


“About Digital Comics” by Y. Bigerel [+]

“Advice to Autors On Preparing a Manuscript” by Taylor and Francis [+]

“Bar Coding” by J. Rongitsch [+][+][+]

“Beta-testing Type: Print Proofing” [+]

“Beyond Braille” by N. López [+][+]

“CRI Medicine Labelling” by D. Sless [+]

“Chartwell Infographic Font” by T. Kochel [+][+]

“DPI for Dummies: Images on Mobile Devices”,by C. Cohen [+]

“Default Systems in Graphic Design” by Giampietro and VanderLans [+]

“Default UI” by F. Özkaramanlı [+]

“Design Machines: How to Survive the Digital [Content] Apocalypse” by T. Gertz [+]

“Designer As Publisher” by R. Kinross [+]

“Dictionary Design Bibliography” [+]

“Differences,Pros and Cons Between Metric and Optical (Adobe CC)” [+]

“Do Typefaces Really Matter?” by BBC [+]

“Flawless Typographic Checklist” by J. Shoaf [+][+][+][+]

“Font Haking” by H. Pickering [+]

“Font Metrics” by W. Thayer [+]

“From Font Designer to FontLab Studio” by A. Twardoch [+]

“Glossary of Internet and Web Jargon” by UC Berkeley [+]

“God (or Devil) in the Details: Text Typography” by K. Tam [+]

“Grammar of Comic-book Typography” by N. Piekos [+][+]

“How (Not) to Write Like a Designer” by Core77 [+][+]

“How Much Are Books Proofread Before They Are Published” [+]

“Index,Pointing Hand/Fist or Manicule” ☞ [+][+]

“Information Design Is Typography” by O. Reichenstein [+]

“Kerning Features in QuarkXPress and InDesign” by I. Strizver [+]

“LaTeX Guide (2003)” by P. Flynn [+]

“Logo,Bullshit & Co.,Inc.” by O. Reichstein [+]

“Logotype Guide” by K. Woodward [+]

“MacOS X Üzerinde Türkçe Yazım (İmlâ) Denetimi” by M. Bakunin [+]

“Microtypography,Designing the New Collins Dictionaries” by P. Bilak [+][+]

“Navigating Today's Signs“ by M. Hora [+]

“New to DTP” [+]

“Open Source Architecture Manifesto” by C. Ratti [+]

“Origin of Music Notation ()“ by B. Blood [+][+][+]

“PhD in Small Caps” [+]

“Prolegomena to Library Classification” by S.R. Ranganathan [+]

“Responsive Web Design Guidelines” by Smashing Editorial [+]

“Rivers of White” [+]

“Sans Bullshit Sans” by R. Nieskens [+][+][+]

“Screenplay Typography Project” by K. Tam [+]

“Semiotics and Writing Systems” by A. Proskurina [+]

“Should I Subset Fonts When Making a PDF?” by E. Bruno [+]

“Symbol Signs” by AIGA [+][+]

“Tech: Book Design” by D. McMurrey [+]

“Text Messaging SMS Turns 20” by J. O'Mahony [+]

“Text-To-Width Script by C. Lewis [+]

“The Art of Details” by B. Warren [+]

“The Evolution of Composition Technology” by A. Frutiger [+][+]

“The Keyboard: A Tool Kit” by M. Kisman [+]

“The Print Clock: A Method for Dating Early Books and Prints” by S.B. Hedges [+]

“Thinking Outside the Inbox” by A. Cooper [+][+]

“Three Typefaces for Mathematics” by D. Rhatigan [+]

“Timepiece Rounded OpenType Clock” by Inostudio [+]

“To Double-Space or Not to Double-Space…” by J. Felici [+]

“Two Spaces After a Period: Why You Should Never,Ever Do It.” by F. Manjoo [+]

“Typesetting Mysteries Demystified” by I. Strizver [+]

“Typography Checklist” by I. Strizver [+]

“What Semiotic for Design?” by S. Zingale [+]

“What’s a Ligature,Anyway?” by R. Herrmann [+]

“Why Some Texts on Book Spines and Bottles Read From Bottom to Top” thread [+]

“Word,Quark or InDesign; ” by D. Williams [+]

Text Genererators

8 Letters in Search of a Word [+]

ACET [+]

ASCII Art [+][+][+][+]

Adhesion by M. Sousa [+]

Ahrens’ [+]

Art21 Synthesis Machine [+]

Automatic Text,Phyton FL Script [+]

BBC World Service [+]

Bacon Ipsum [+]

Bar Code Graphics [+][+][+]

Beautiful Dingbats [+]

Binary to Text Conversion [+]

Blindtext [+]

Eki Letter Database [+]

Hyphenation Online Tool [+]

Lorem Ipsum [+][+]

Malevole [+]

Mirror,Invert,and Reverse [+]

OCR Online Optical Character Recognition [+][+]

P22 Music Text Composition Generator [+]

Pangram (Holoalphabetic Sentence) [+][+][+][+]

Pangrammer by M. Simonson [+]

Project Gutenberg [+]

Spacing and Kerning Lists [+][+][+][+]

Spell with Flickr [+]

Textile Web Text Generator [+][+]

The Daily Pangram [+]

Typorganism [+]

Universal Declaration of Human Rights [+][+]

Word Clouds [+]

Word Lists [+][+][+][+][+][+]

Word by Letter [+]

Wordoid Creative Naming Service [+]

Wowio Free Books [+]

“Ascii Conversion Applet” by J. Sulman [+]

“Hamburgefontsiv” [+]

“IBM IMPACT Helping Europe Scan Historical Documents” by L. Whitney [+][+]

“In Defense of ” by K. McGrane [+]

“Languages At a Glance” thread [+][+]

“Lyric Hyphenator” by J. Brennan [+]

“Pack My Box With Five Dozen Liquor Jugs” [+]

“Typable Text Manipulator” by O. Jób [+]

“word-o-mat” by N. Stössinger [+]

The Grid

Golden Ratio,phi [+][+][+]

Grid (Page Layout) [+]

Gridzzly (DIY Grid Paper) [+]

Hashgrid Tool [+]

InDesign Grid Calculator Pro [+]

Paper Browser [+]

Sketch Sheets for Web Designers [+]

Sketching,Wireframing and Note-Taking Templates [+]

The Art of The Grid [+]

The Greatest Manhattan Grid [+]

The Grid System [+][+][+][+]

by F. Özkaramanlı [+]

by T. Brown and S. Kellum [+][+]

“About Grid Systems” by D. Colley [+]

“Baseline Grid Example” by K. Tam [+]

“Baseline Grid in InDesign” [+][+]

“Can the Grid Really Be Broken” [+]

“Designing & Thinking with Grids” by B. Sitek [+]

“Establishing Your Grid In Photoshop” by S. Schoeffel [+]

“Golden Section Illustration” by I. Gulkov [+]

“Grid Principles” by E. Lupton [+]

“Grid Systems” by S. Ármannsson [+]

“Grids Are Good” by M. Boulton [+]

“Grids For Sketching” by B. Martineau [+]

“Moleskine Templates” by R. Graves [+]

“Myths and Misconceptions About Grid Systems” by A. Carusone [+]

“On Hybrids” by E. Block [+]

“Pixel Proliferation Toolset” by Punchcut [+]

“Simple Steps to Designing Grid Systems” by M. Boulton [+]

“The Golden Section Family” by M. Reynolds [+]

“The Vignelli Canon” by M. Vignelli [+][+]

“Type Specification Sheet” by J. Craig [+]

“Typography Is a Grid” by A. Froshaug [+]

“Villard Diagram,Dividing a Segment In n Parts” by D. Capo [+]

“iAd Wireframe Stencils” by S. Boms [+]

“jQuery Masonry” by D. DeSandro [+][+]

Type Classification

Classification by E. Lupton [+]

Design Is History () [+]

Discover.typography by H&Co [+]

FF The 100 Best Fonts of All Time () [+]

Femmebot Google Fonts [+]

Fontpair Google Fonts [+]

Fonts In Use @fontsinuse [+][+]

Illumination [+]

Letters Relationship [+]

Linotype Fonts by Themes [+]

Modernism [+]

ParaType Font Classification [+]

Serif Types Small Chart [+]

The Right Font and Format for the Job [+]

Type Terminology by J. Boardley (iLT) [+][+][+][+]

Typeface Anatomy [+]

Typeface Classification Schemes [+]

Typeface Pairing i.e. Mixing Type [+][+][+][+][+]

Typographic Timeline [+][+]

Vox 13 [+]

Vox 13 Classification [+]

“A Typeface For Reading” by R. Waller [+]

“Best Practices of Combining Typefaces” by D. Bonneville [+]

“Choosing a Font for Book Design” [+]

“Combining Typefaces: Free Guide to Great Typography” by T. Brown [+][+]

“Cult of the Ugly” by S. Heller [+]

“Elzevir Letter” by J. Mosley [+]

“Font for Multilingual Books” [+]

“Grotesque Classification” [+]

“How to Pick and Pair a Custom Font” by L. Sander (Apple WWDC) [+]

“On Classifying Type” by J. Hoefler [+]

“Periodic Table of Typefaces” by C. Wilde [+][+]

“Picking Typefaces” by F. Chimero [+]

“So You Need a Typeface” by J. Hansen [+]

“TDC Top 100 Typefaces” by P. Shaw [+]

“Top Ten Typefaces Used by Book Design Winners” by S. Coles [+]

“Type Classification eBook” by J. Cass [+]

“Type Combos” by C. de Bartolo [+]

“Type Comparisons” by R. Giampietro [+]

“Type Connection” Pairing Game by A. Seltzer [+]

“Typewolf Font Recommendations and Lookbooks” by J. Shoaf [+]

“What if Type Were Car?” by L. Perondi [+]

Type Design

Adobe Typography Primer [+][+][+]

Better UI for Better Typography [+][+]

Bezier (Spline) Curves [+][+][+]

Blackletter Resources [+][+][+][+][+][+]

Bond Writing Robot [+]

Character Design Standards [+]

City Font Project [+]

Crafting Type [+][+]

Cyrus Highsmith’s Interview [+][+][+][+][+]

Daily Drop Cap [+]

Design Principles by Adactio [+]

Donald Knuth 3rd Dr. Peter Karow Award [+][+]

Dutch Type Library Specimens [+]

ESAD Personal Views Lectures [+][+]

Fine Typography by Monotype [+]

Font Bureau David Berlow’s Type Specimens [+]

Font Glyph Synopsis [+]

FontShop Education [+]

Handwriting,Lettering and Calligraphy Inspiration [+]

Hirschvogel’s Geometria 1543 [+]

House Letters & Ligatures Exhibition by House Industries [+]

Ink Traps [+]

Inkscape + Spiro [+][+]

Issue #100 Highlights [+]

Italics,True Italics,Slanted,and Oblique [+][+][+]

Joe Churchward’s Work at Te Papa’s Archival [+]

KABK Type]Media [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

KalliCulator Automatic Calligraphy,; [+][+]

Khatt Foundation (Center for Arabic Typography) [+]

Letter as Image [+]

LetterPlayground [+]

Lettering [+]

List of Typographic Features [+]

Live Pen Calligraphic Drawing Software [+]

MATD Reading Typeface Design Master Class [+][+][+]

Meet Your Type: [+]

Microsoft Typography [+]

Monospace Typography [+]

Morisawa Type Design Competition 2012 [+]

Notan [+]

Numbers at Hoefler & Frere-Jones [+]

OSF Figures – Old Style,Text and Lining [+]

Oketz,An Introduction to Hebrew Type [+][+]

On the Necessity of Italics [+]

On-Canvas Glyph Selection In Adobe InDesign CC [+][+]

Original Drawings for by B. de Does [+][+]

Ornamental Typography at BibliOdyssey [+]

P22 Analog [+]

Paul Shaw Letter Design [+]

Robert Bringhurst and Arabic Typography [+]

Text Figures (Numerals) [+]

The Boston Globe Interviews David Berlow [+]

The Eyeballing Game () [+]

The Wolpe Collection by Monotype [+][+]

True Type Apple Reference Manual [+]

Type Design Rules-of-Thumb [+]

Type Directors Club [+]

Type@Cooper [+][+][+][+]

TypeClinic International Type Design Workshops [+]

TypeCooker by E. van Blokland [+]

TypeCulture Articles and Essays [+]

Typeface Design at Reading [+][+]

Typester Mapping [+]

Typographic Education Forum [+]

Typographica Typeface Reviews [+]

Typography Education Directory [+]

Typography and Lettering Pool [+]

Typophile Pool [+]

Underware Type Basics [+]

Width Tool Illustrator [+]

‘S’ design [+]

“10 Common Typography Mistakes” by B. Hoff [+]

“A Brief Guide to Basic Typography” by D. Ross [+]

“A Brief History of Sans Serif” by B. Pitoyo [+]

“A Few Things I’ve Learned About Typeface Design” by G. Leonidas [+]

“A Shameless Plug for Custom Typefaces” by B. Maag [+]

“A Typographic Anatomy Lesson” by Y. Peters [+]

“A Year of Type Design: Parallel Thinking,Parallel Histories” by B. Mitchell [+]

“About Default Lining Figures and Building Fonts” by D. Reynolds [+]

“Against Anti-foundationalism” by E. Earls [+][+]

“All Font Chars” by F. Schiavi [+]

“An Alphabet Book” by B. Fry [+]

“An Introduction to OpenType Substitution Features” by Wenzel and Koeberlin [+]

“Anatomy of a Character” by I. Strizver [+]

“Andy Clymer About the Creation of Obsidian” by R. Hermann [+]

“Anthropomorphism in Typography” by M. Yow [+]

“Arabic Calligraphy as a Typographic Exercise” by J. Kaestle [+][+]

“Between Writing & Type: the Stencil Letter” by Y. Peters [+]

“Bezier Warp Math” by T. Chrystie [+]

“Blackletter Social Aspects” [+][+]

“BubbleKern for Glyphs” bu T. Omagari [+]

“Bézier Curves and Type Design” by F.D. Martins [+]

“Call It What It Is” by J. Downer [+]

“Collaborative Type Design Workshops Without Computers” by D. Crossland [+]

“Continuing Studies in Typography” by I. Strizver [+]

“Contrast & Stress Shaping Game” by D. Ross [+]

“Corporate Type” by E. Spiekermann [+]

“Create Lettering With Adobe CC Tools” [+]

“Creating Type to Echo Changes in Visual Culture” by A. Slobzheninov [+]

“Crimes Against Typography” by S. Heller [+]

“Cycles” Text Font by S. Stone [+]

“Cyrillics I Really Need to Bother With” by R. Larabie [+]

“Decriminalizing Typography: Declaring an End to the War on ‘Type Crimes’” by P. Shaw [+]

“Design Education,Part I” by P. Biľak [+]

“Design a Bold From a Regular” [+]

“Designing Type Systems” by P. Biľak [+]

“Designing Type(faces)” by G. Everet [+]

“Detesto la Calli-grafia” by S. Polano [+]

“Development of Sanserif in 20th” [+]

“Development of the New Version of the Dutch Stamp” by P. Bilak [+]

“Digital Type Primer” by K. Tam [+]

“Do We Need More Fonts?” by C. Highsmith [+]

“Drawing Ovals and Ellipses With the Compasses” by E.G. Lutz [+][+]

“Drawn to Digital” by E. Berliner [+]

“Ductus and Glyph Identity” [+]

“Everything Is Type” A. Helmling [+]

“Experimental Typography. Whatever That Means” by P. Bilak [+]

“FF Yoga Design Process” by X. Dupré [+]

“Failed Roman A ()” by NID Language Research [+]

“Family of Letters” by J. Kennard [+]

“Fette Fraktur Typeface 1850” by N. Chung [+]

“Five Steps to Better Typography: Ligatures” by M. Boulton [+]

“Fluid Mechanics: Typography Now” by E. Lupton [+]

“Font Design as Software?” [+]

“Font Metrics” by W. Thayer [+]

“Form,Pattern & Texture in the Typographic Image” by Bigelow and Holmes [+][+]

“FreeType Glyph Conventions” by D. Turner [+]

“Graphic Designer vs. Typographer” [+]

“Haas Unica Research” [+]

“How Much Do I Charge My Client” [+]

“How To Choose the Right Face for a Beautiful Body” by D. Reynolds [+]

“How To Design a Typeface: A Step-by-step Guide” by M. Harris [+]

“How to Explain Why Typography Matters” by T. Phinney [+]

“Interletrado,” by J. Gaitto [+]

“It’s Time To Act” by Alphabettes [+]

“Kerning Exercise” by R. Giampietro [+]

“Krazy About K” by P. Patton [+]

“Learning the Craft Through Study and Apprenticeship” by C. Highsmith [+]

“Leipziger Lives Again”,by T. Ahrens [+]

“Lettering is Not Type: Clear Definitions for Commonly Abused Terms” by S. Coles [+]

“Lost In Flatlands” by G. Leonidas [+]

“Making a Handwritten Font” by H. Geisler [+]

“Mastering the Bezier Curve in Sketch” by P. Nowell [+][+]

“Math and Optics in Type Design” by A. Studer [+]

“Miscellanea; Important Aspects of Typeface Design” by G. Munch [+]

“Mongolian Script” by J. De Baerdemaeker [+]

“My Typography Course” by J.F. Porchez [+][+]

“New Fonts: ” by Hoefler and Frere-Jones [+]

“No,There Are Not Enough Typefaces Already” by C. Highsmith [+][+]

“Notes on Arabic Font Specimen” by K. Luecke [+]

“Ode,a Fresh Start for a Broken Script” by M. Wenzel [+]

“Oldrich Menhart” by V. Burian [+]

“On the Kerning Game” by Paul Shaw [+][+][+]

“On Kerning and Metrics” by F.D. Martins [+]

“On Minimum Quality in Typeface Design” by G. Leonidas [+]

“On the Origin of Pattering (harmonics,patterns,dynamics) in Movable Latin Type” by F.E. Blokland [+][+]

“PayPal Sans Design Information” by K. Sowersby [+]

“Phonetikana: English and Japanse Script” by M. Johnson [+]

“Point Size and the Em Square: Not What People Think” by T. Phinney [+]

“Pool Tells the Story of the New FF DIN Round” by I. Gabrowitsch [+]

“Practical Typography” by M. Butterick [+]

“Preparation for Greek Typeface Design” by G. Leonidas [+]

“Proof It” by J,Edmondson [+]

“Proportional vs. Tabular Figures” by I. Strizver [+]

“Reverse Noordzij Cube Demo” by D. Ross [+]

“Rhythm in Type Design” by A. Lo Celso [+]

“Sense & Sensibility” by N. Shinn [+]

“Shape Type Letter Shaping Game” by M. MacKay [+]

“Sidebearings Articles” by R. Toman [+]

“Sindelar Design Process” by S. Willerstorfer [+]

“Slab Serifs” by I. Strizver [+]

“Some Open Thoughts About OpenType” by J. Sysmäläinen [+]

“Spacing Essay” by F. de Mello [+]

“Standard Ligatures,OpenType at Work” by Y. Peters [+]

“Start Off with a Bang” by I. Strizver [+]

“Stencil Alphabets: Interrupted Strokes and Divided Shapes” by F. Ulrich [+]

“Stretching Type; Type Taboo” [+]

“Styles,Weights,Widths; It’s All in The (Type) Family” by Y. Peters [+]

“Swift Strokes and Sampled Construct” by G. Leonidas [+]

“TeX TypeSpec” by S. Moye [+]

“The Atlantic; Talks Typography” with M. Bierut [+]

“The Capital Sharp S of the German Government” by R. Herrmann [+]

“The Creation of FF Unit Slab” by Y. Peters [+]

“The Em and Sidebearings” [+][+][+]

“The Em” by C. Highsmith [+]

“The Essential Structure of (Hindi) Letterforms” by S. Rajpurohit [+]

“The Great ‘Cedilla vs Undercomma’ debate” [+]

“The Heroic Powers and the Weaknesses of Superfamilies” by R. Elnar [+]

“The Human Side of Sans Serif” by J.D. Berry [+]

“The Meaning of Type” by S. Heller [+]

“The Next Ten Years” by G. Leonidas [+]

“The Process of Creating a [Script] Font” by Hallmark [+]

“The Real Meaning of Writing” by G. Noordzij [+]

“The Revival of Slab Serif in 20th” [+]

“The Sound of Shapes & Shape of Sounds” by J. van Rossum [+]

“The Value of Type” by E. van Blokland [+]

“Thinking with Type” by E. Lupton [+]

“This is the New Typography (and the Typefaces that Make it Work)” by G. Leonidas [+]

“Tools,Techniques,and Innovation (in Typographic Design) by G. Leonidas [+]

“Toolspace” by J. Middendorp [+]

“Torch: Drawing Letters” by T. Brown [+]

“Towards an Ideal OpenType User Interface” by K. Sowersby [+]

“True to Type: Why Letters Are a Labour of Love” by S. Garfield [+]

“Turnip Patch Meets Type Technology” by E. Shapiro and D.J. Ross [+]

“Tweet More E [+][+]

“Type Design FAQ” by J. Puckett [+]

“Type Design Philosophy” by M. Majoor [+][+][+]

“Type Is Art” Interactive Project by J. Rodriguez [+][+]

“Type Is Designed By Real People With Real Feelings” by Y. Peters [+]

“Type Size” by E. Lupton [+]

“Type,Handwriting and Lettering” by G. Briem [+]

“TypeEdu/Teaching” by H. Famira [+][+]

“Typeface” [+][+]

“Typographic Illusions” by H&Co [+]

“Typography Basics” by A. Segalini [+]

“Typography Cheatsheet” by J. Shoaf [+]

“Typography Is a Grid” by A. Froshaug [+]

“Typography and Systems” by M. Sesma [+]

“Unger‘s Workshop at Reading” by A. Cavedoni [+]

“Untitled Sans & Serif Design Information” by K. Sowersby [+]

“Using Illustrator to Draw Fonts for Importing Into FontLab” by S. Ármannsson [+]

“Vector Drawing Mistakes” by J.P. De Gregorio [+]

“Vector Drawing” by J.P. De Gregorio [+]

“What If Type Were a Car?” by L. Perondi [+]

“What Is It Like to Be a Type Designer?” thread [+]

“What Type Taught Me About Music” by R. Finlay [+]

“What the Font You Choose Says About You” by Bennett and Black [+]

“What’s a Ligature,Anyway?” by R. Herrmann [+]

“Where Are the Women in Type Design?” by V. Gerlach [+]

“Why Do We (Still) Use Cyrillic” by A. Vanyashin [+]

“Why Is It Called [+][+]

“Why Should I Learn To Draw?” [+]

“Why Study Typography” [+]

“Why a Better OpenType UI Matters” by Y. Peters [+]

“Women in Type”,,,,,a,an [+][+][+][+][+][+]

“X Poggendorff Illusion” by R. Craze [+]

“x-Height and Descenders” by J. George [+]

”Esszet or ß” by J. Mosley [+]

”Italic Subtleties” by T. Omagari [+][+]

”Type Design and Typography” at [+][+]

”Type Hunger,Lettering and Type” by E. Lupton [+]

Type Size & Conversions

Font Size Conversion Chart [+][+]

Golden Ratio Size/CPL Optimizer [+]

Modular Scale [+][+]

Optical Size Calculator [+]

Responsive Typography Demo [+]

Type Scale Visual Calculator [+]

Typographic Unit Conversions [+][+]

“Father Truchet,the typographic point,the Romain du roi” by André and Girou [+]

“Type Units,Dimensions and Names ()” by Dreyfus [+][+]

Type Talks and Conferences

ATypI [+]

ISType [+]

TYPO Labs [+]

TYPO Talks [+]

TypeEd Webinars [+]

Typographics [+]

Variable Fonts

#variablefonts [+]

Axis-Praxis [+][+][+]

InDesign CC and VAR Support [+]

OTVar at TypeDrawers [+]

TypeNetwork Opentype Font Variations [+]

V-Fonts [+]

“About Variable Fonts” by J. Pamental & al. [+]

“An Introduction to Variable Fonts” by J. Pamental [+]

“Dynamic Font Day” by Underware [+]

“From Modular Scales to Variable Fonts” by S. Kellum [+]

“How to Animate a Variable Font” by Drawbot [+]

“Introducing OpenType Variable Fonts” ATypI 2016 Warsaw Panel [+][+][+]

“Introducing OpenType Variable Fonts” by J. Hudson [+][+]

“Typearture Animation” by A. Reinders [+]

“Typographic Potential of Variable Fonts” by B. Berning [+][+]

“User Interface in Type Design,Opportunities in Variable Fonts” by S. Orozco [+]

“Variable Fonts & The Future of Web Design” by J. Pamental [+]

“Variable Fonts: What web authors need to know” by J. Pamental [+]

“Variable Fonts’ Past,Present and Future,According to Dalton Maag” by B. Berning [+]

Vernacular Type

Chicago Type [+]

The Center for Vernacular Typography [+][+]

The Journal of Urban Typography [+]

Type Nesting [+]

Villatype Found Lettering [+]

“Guerrilla Typography” by C. Webb [+]

“Letters” by A. Cavedoni [+]

“Letters” by T. Leming [+]

“Numbers” by G. Fuga [+]

“Public Lettering” by P. Baines [+]

“TypoTrip,Typography on the Road” by W. Mejor [+]

Wayfinding and Signage

Curbside Haiku NYC Street Signs: [+][+]

Eye Catch Signs Tactile Maps [+]

F37 Beckett by R. Banks [+][+]

Sign Design Society [+]

Wayfinding News [+]

Wayfinding News [+]

“Books on Signage and Wayfinding” by R. Herrmann [+]

“Brisbane (Australia)” by T. Leinster [+]

“British Motorway Signage System” by Kinneir and Calvert [+][+]

“Cities and Their Typographic Associations” by G. Johansson [+][+]

“Councils UK Urged to Remove Unnecessary Street Signs” by BBC News [+]

“Critical Wayfinding” by E. Lupton [+]

“Designers of the Signs That Guide You” by A. Rawsthorn [+]

“Designing the Ultimate Wayfinding Typeface” by R. Herrmann [+][+][+]

“Entypo Pictograms” by D. Bruce [+]

“London’s New Walking Wayfinding Maps” by D. Reid [+]

“NYC Parks” by Pentagram [+]

“On Visiting a Warship / [+]

“Places Need Signs” by R. Waller [+]

“Symbol Signs” by AIGA [+]

“Thank You For Not Smoking” on Signage by R. Caplan [+]

“The Design of a Signage Typeface” by R. Herrmann [+]

“The London Tube Map For a Multiscreen World” by J. Pavlus [+][+]

“Visual Guide to Typefaces Used On European Road Signs” by R. Herrmann [+]

“Walk [Your City]” by M. Tomasulo [+][+]

“Wayfinding Handbook” by D. Gibson [+][+]

“Wayfinding Systems” by L. Wyman [+]

“Wayfinding” by K. Brandon [+]

“What‘s Your Signage” by SBDC [+]

“With No Display Map at Penn Station,Amtrak Misses an Opportunity” by A. Bernstein [+]