Alessandro Segalini — photograph by Jonathan W. Cohen, © May 2019
photograph by Jonathan W. Cohen, © May 2019

A communication designer who specializes in typography, Segalini studied and practiced design in Italy, Finland, Turkey, and the U.S. Segalini’s design and research interests include: typeface design, typesetting, calligraphy and lettering, book and editorial design, information design, linguistics, design education, visual identities, and designing with multiple languages.

He is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Binghamton University, and the typographer and graphic designer of Contra Mundum Press (CMP), an independent boutique-publisher based in New York that specializes in world literature and other genres. He owns the copyright on typesetting for a volume now included in the Chicago Newberry Library’s Collection on the History of Printing. In 2011, Segalini co-created ISType (Istanbul Type Seminars). He has presented at international conferences on typography, including ICTVC and TypeCon.

Segalini also designed the typeface Hemingway, which was inspired by Hemingway’s classic novel The Old Man and the Sea. The long research journey resulted in a font family of eight styles, which was selected for the UK Creative Review Type Annual 2011 in the “Display Text” category.

Teaching is for Segalini an opportunity to inspire and motivate students, as well as an occasion for self-reflection, assessment, and reevaluation of praxis. In regard to education, he believes that knowledge is constructed by the learner through action — it is mediate, not immediate. Education is a process of living, and not a preparation for future living.

His professional goals are to produce sharp, clear, and well-crafted type and text in the service of user-centered product design. Pedagogically, he aims to bring an awareness of systems thinking and the central importance of typography to design education. ❦