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Breaking into Instructional Design [+]

Course Builder Open Source eLearning Development Software [+][+]

Gagné's Theory of Instruction [+][+]

Instructional Design [+]

Instructional Design Central (IDC) [+]

Instructional Design and Development Blog [+]

Kami Online Document Viewer,Annotation,Editing (Notable PDF) [+]

Kelli Marshall Resources [+]

Syniad Learning Portfolio by Christy Tucker [+]

“How to Incorporate Active Learning Into the Classroom” by C. O’Neal [+]

“Learning Theories and Instruction As an Instructional Design Blogger” by L. Zalivansky [+]

“What Does an Instructional Designer Do?” by C. Tucker [+]

“What Everybody Ought to Know About Instructional Design” by T. Kuhlmann [+]

“What Instructional Designers Do: Is this a career for you?” by C. Malamed [+]



(DfA) Design for All [+]

3Desk Local Freelancers [+]

: Design Guide Promotional by R. Graves [+]

<Sustainability> [+]

A Primer in Social Media [+]

ADF (Anti Design Festival) Manifesto [+]

AIGA Center For Sustainable Design: [+]

AIGA Design Business and Ethics [+]

AIGA Designer of 2015 Competencies [+][+]

AIGA NY Student Groups [+]

AIGA Standards of Professional Practice [+]

ARTstor [+]

Academic Degree [+]

Alice Rawsthorn talks to Beatrice Galilee on “Why Design Matters” [+]

Antropos Design Institute Manifesto [+]

Be A Design Group [+]

Berghs’ Exhibition [+]

Biophilia Educational Program Iceland [+]

CFAT The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching [+]

CNBC The Business of Innovation [+]

Charlie Rose [+]

Core77 International Design Awards: Education Initiatives [+]

Cradle to Cradle C2C Eco-efficiency Forum [+]

CreativeMornings [+]

Critical Thinking and Argumentation [+]

Design Elements and Principles [+]

Design Ignites Change [+]

Design Management [+]

Design Process [+]

Design Research [+]

Design Thinkers Ontario RGD [+]

Design Thinking [+]

Design and Print Production [+]

Design for all Europe EIDD [+][+][+]

Designer of 2015 Competencies [+]

DfA at EU Information Society [+]

Dictionary of the History of Ideas [+]

Do Lectures [+]

Double Diamond Design Process Model [+]

Emotional Design [+]

Epistemology [+]

Ethics and Emotions [+]

EventsEye - Printing,Editing,Graphic Design Trade Shows [+]

Eye Forum Education [+]

First Things First Manifesto [+][+][+][+]

FreeAgent Online Accounting Software [+][+]

Gantt Chart Project Schedule [+]

Global Studio [+]

Grading Systems [+]

Graphic Design on the Radio [+]

Great Buildings Collection [+]

Green Plus You [+]

Guide to Freelancing by PCB [+]

History and New Media CHNM Essays [+]

IBM Research Brochure 2010 [+]

IDEO Human-Centered Design Toolkit [+]

Icograda Design Education Manifesto [+]

Icograda Education [+][+][+][+]

Index on Censorship Free Speech Podcasts [+]

John Dewey and Informal Education [+][+]

Laban Movement Analysis [+][+][+]

Learning Revolution with Joe Clinton [+]

Learning Theories by DMOZ [+]

Learning-Org,Dialog on Learning Organizations [+]

MDes in Integrative Design [+]

Marshall McLuhan Speaks [+]

Metadesign [+][+]

Mind Mapping [+]

Mind Tools [+]

Multi,The RIT Journal of Plurality and Diversity in Design [+]

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day [+]

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) [+][+]

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Data and Statistics [+]

PBL (Problem-based Learning) [+]

Paper Environmental Impact Calculator [+]

Parametric Design [+]

Paul Graham’s Essays [+]

Pecha Kucha: [+][+][+]

PhD-Design List [+]

Presentation Zen [+]

Project Management Softwares [+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

Rob Giampietro’s [+]

SEGD Society for Environmental Graphic Design [+]

SVA MFA Design for Social Innovation [+]

SWOT Analysis Worksheet [+]

Sappi Sustainability: [+]

Sir Ken Robinson [+][+]

Study Skills Glossary [+]

TED Conferences [+]

TED Talks On Creativity and Problem Solving [+]

THAT Podcast for Humanities and Technology [+]

TIP Theory Into Practice Database [+][+][+]

TLE – Teaching and Learning Excellence – UW Madison [+]

Talk Origins Archive: [+]

Talking Design by M. Mota [+]

The Designers Accord [+]

The HUB [+]

The Laws of Simplicity by J. Maeda [+]

The MoMA Free Art Books [+][+]

The World Question Center [+]

UK Disability Directory for Museums and Galleries [+]

Undergraduate Education Definition [+]

VIDE (Visual & Individual Design Experiences) [+]

Video Design and Production [+]

We Are More Manifesto [+]

Web Design [+]

Weingart’s 2002 AIGA report [+]

by AIGA [+][+]

by B. Mau [+]

by S. Lorenzen [+]

iA Japan [+]

“10 Lessons for Young Designers” by J.C. Jay [+][+]

“10 Reasons To Re-Design Your School Space” by D. Kurani [+]

“14 Ways to Acquire Knowledge” by J.T. Mangan [+]

“22 Theses on At Education” by M. Szpakowski [+]

“5 Dangerous Idea for Designers” by S. Berkun [+]

“A Design Education Manifesto” by M. Goldstein [+][+]

“A Liberal Decalogue: Bertrand Russell’s Ten Commandments of Teaching” by M. Popova [+]

“A Thesis Proposal Is a Contract” by M. Might [+]

“About Trends and Sustainable Design” by M. Hardt [+]

“Advice For Design Students” by D. Airey [+]

“Advice to Autors On Preparing a Manuscript” by Taylor and Francis [+]

“Amateurs Get Angry With Clients; Professionals Educate Them” by P. Jarvis [+]

“An Education Through Books” by T. Varlet and H. Zapf [+]

“An Evolving Map of Design Practice and Design Research” by L. Sanders [+]

“Applying LEED Principles to Graphic Design” by E. Carr [+]

“Apps For All: Coding Accessible Web Applications” by H. Pickering [+]

“Architect Frank Lloyd Wright Interview (1957)” by M. Wallace [+]

“Art and Design Can Help Solve Problems in Any Industry” by J. Maeda [+]

“Arts Education in America” by Q. Jones [+]

“Bad Grades; the Ones Who Are Most Successful” by L. Martin [+]

“Building a New Culture of Teaching and Learning” by Dr. Tae [+][+][+]

“Changing Education Paradigms” by K. Robinson [+][+]

“Changing the Homework Default” by A. Kohn [+]

“Charles Eames on Design” by PUC Santiago [+]

“Charlotte Mason and Classical Education” by S.W. Bauer [+]

“Christoph Niemann On Working With Ideas” by S. Berkun [+][+]

“Clarity: The Next Design Thinking Evolution” interview with GK VanPatter [+]

“Collecting the Cash” by PCG UK [+]

“Community of Type A” by J. Maeda [+]

“Corporate Type” by E. Spiekermann [+]

“Creativity Key to Success” by T. Muralidharan [+]

“Creativity and Problem Solving” by B. Pitoyo [+][+]

“Curiosity” by Seth Godin: [+]

“Design Education as Applied Anthropology” A. Inciong [+]

“Design Process Study” by H. Dubberley [+]

“Design User or Thinker” by L. Singleton [+]

“Design Vision: ” [+][+][+]

“Design and the Elastic Mind” [+]

“Designing Is Not Problem Solving” by F. Salustri [+]

“Developing a Growth Mindset” by C. Dweck [+]

“Development of the Design for All Curriculum” by S. Manley [+]

“Do Schools Kill Creativity?” by K. Robinson [+]

“Do ‘the Risky Thing’ in Digital Humanities” by K. Fitzpatrick [+]

“Doodles,Drafts,and Designs: Industrial Drawings from the Smithsonian” [+]

“Echolocation Woodstock” by A. Seraphin [+]

“Educational Leadership” by R.S. Becker [+]

“Effective Teaching Practice” by J. Hill & K. Hawk [+][+]

“Effective University Teaching” by J. Clark [+]

“Emotional Durability in the New Sustainability” by C. Arguin [+][+][+]

“End the University as We Know It” by M. Taylor [+]

“Engineering a Safer,More Beautiful World,One Failure at a Time” by C. Dean [+]

“Essays” by S. Berkun [+]

“Essential,Efficient,and Encouraging Education” by J. Wise [+]

“Ethics in Graphic Design” by E. Kane [+][+][+][+]

“Everything is a Remix” by K. Ferguson [+][+]

“Experience IS the Product…” by P. Merholz [+]

“Getting Creative Things Done” by C. Newport [+]

“Giving and Receiving Design Feedback” by G. Leonidas [+]

“Good Designers Redesign,Great Designers Realign” by C. Moll [+][+]

“Good Work Isn’t Enough” by G. Hoy [+]

“Grades and Grading” by A. Wasco [+]

“Graduate Education: ”,by A. Burdick,; [+][+]

“Grand Truths About Human Behavior” at E. Tufte [+]

“Gutenberg and The Social Media Revolution” by R. Stacy [+]

“Harvard Downstreams Design Thinking?” by G.K. VanPatter [+]

“Ho Teaching Mindfulness Benefits Learning” by S. Briggs [+]

“How America’s Most Iconic Design Brand Is Planning Its Next Century” by D. Budds [+]

“How I Grade” by W. Rapaport [+]

“How Much Do I Charge My Client” [+]

“How Philosophy Pays Off” by E. Steinhart [+]

“How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity” by E. Catmull [+]

“How To Study: Do Research and Write Essays” by W. Rapaport [+]

“How To Think Like a Computer Scientist” by J. Elkner et al. [+]

“How To Write a Thesis” by IEU [+]

“How To Write an Insight Statement” by S. Salari [+]

“How to Do What You Love” by P. Graham [+][+]

“How to Identify the Best Design Problems” by J. Porter [+]

“How to Prepare an Invoice” by PCG UK [+]

“How to Unleash Your Creativity” by M. DiChristina [+]

“How to Write a Book Proposal” by E. Lupton [+]

“How to learn? From mistakes” by D. Laufenberg [+]

“Human Beings Are Hardwired to Seek Out Stories” by D. Charnas [+]

“Idea Mapping: From Idea to Action” by J. Nast [+]

“Impossible Is Just a 10 Letter Word” by A. Taubo [+]

“Intellectual Virtues Guide for Instructors” by J. Baehr [+]

“Interaction In a Word: Better (Product; Marketing; Engineering)” by D. Armano [+]

“Is Creativity Inborn or Studied?” by Anonymous [+]

“Is Design School Worth It?” [+]

“Is It Preferable to Teach a Child To Read As Early As Possible?” [+]

“It’s the Faculty,Stupid!” by S. Zabala [+][+]

“Jonathan Barnbrook on Responsibilities in Design” by PingMag [+]

“Learning to Read and Write Images” by M. Bruinsma [+]

“Making Great Decisions” by Henderson and Hooper [+]

“Milton Glaser on Design Ethics” by DLB [+]

“Networking Made Easy” by J. Victore [+]

“Noam Chomsky on the Purpose of Education” by M. Popova [+][+]

“Nonprofits Designers” by A. Akin [+]

“On Clients” by M. Bierut [+][+]

“On Design Education” by L. Heretakis [+]

“On Design for Media Content” by R. Black [+]

“On Reading With a Theme” by M. Brown,; [+][+]

“Orders,Time tracking: What Is Your Approach?” by T. Silkjaer [+]

“Our Client Manifesto” by Edenspiekermann [+]

“Powers of Ten (1977)” by Eames Office [+][+]

“Productivity Tips,Tricks and Hacks for Academics” by M. Might [+]

“Prolegomena to Library Classification” by S.R. Ranganathan [+]

“Python Tutorials” by V. Lipnick [+]

“Rebuilding America” by B. Strickland [+]

“Red Lemon Club Resources for Creative Freelancers” by A. Mathers [+]

“RiP! A Remix Manifesto” by B. Gaylor [+]

“Sample Letter Requesting Sponsorship” by R. Clark [+]

“Schools in Finland Will No Longer Teach Subjects but Topics” by R. Garner [+]

“Social Design Pathways” matrix for designing for large scale cultural change [+]

“Software Design and Industrial Design Are the Same Damn Thing” by D. Knemeyer [+]

“Solve a Teaching Problem” by Carnegie Mellon University [+]

“Sorkin to Graduates” by SU News [+][+]

“Spaces with Identity: The End of Traditional Classrooms” by D. Kurani [+]

“Stop Stealing Dreams: On Education and School” by S. Godin [+][+][+][+]

“Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes” by M. Roosevelt [+]

“Tao Te Ching” by Lao Tzu; A Comparative Study [+]

“Teacher’s College” by R. Giampietro [+]

“Teaching Typography” [+]

“Teaching at the University Level” by J. Clark [+]

“Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes” by A. Shaughnessy [+]

“The Burdens of Expertise” by S. Berkun [+]

“The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation” by A. Kohn [+]

“The Death of American Universities” by N. Chomsky [+]

“The Difference Between Design and Research” by P. Graham [+][+][+]

“The Dribbblisation of Design” by P. Adams [+]

“The Educators Manifesto” by R. McClintock [+]

“The Games and Pleasures of Childhood (1657)” [+]

“The Goal of Education” by R.S. Becker [+]

“The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy” by P. Formica [+]

“The Ins and Outs of Working In-house” by J. Björk [+]

“The Literature Review: a Few Tips” by D. Taylor [+]

“The Little But Really Useful Guide to Creativity” by L. Babauta [+]

“The Main Failing of Design School: Kids Can’t Think For Themselves” by M. Bierut: [+]

“The One Hour Guide to Self-Publishing” by D. Bricker [+]

“The Perils of Teaching Graphic Design In the Land of the Shapeshifters” by E. Ayter: [+]

“The Politics of Design” by P. Rand [+][+]

“The Problem with Design: Imperialism or Thinking Too Small?” by A. Steffen [+]

“The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems” by C. Martin [+]

“The Rise of Visual SenseMaking” by G.K. VanPatter [+][+]

“The Vision Thing” by M. Sinclair [+]

“The iPad and Classroom Management” by P. Diaz [+]

“The ‘Golden Rule’ Around the World” by J. Dubensky [+]

“Things to Consider When Freelancing” by J. George [+]

“Thinking in Desire Paths” by S. Berkun [+]

“Thinking in Education” by J. Dewey [+]

“Tips for Working With Clients Remotely” by M. Wagner [+]

“To Design Processes” by N. Shedroff [+]

“Two Spaces After a Period: Why You Should Never,Ever Do It.” by F. Manjoo [+]

“U.S. Education in Chinese Lock Step” by B.P. Coppola [+]

“Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign” by L. Wilson [+]

“Water Management: The Path to a Better Future” by C. Brooks [+]

“Ways to Boost Your Writing Skills” By S. Briggs [+]

“What Does It Mean to Be Simple” by J. Brewer [+]

“What Is Art For?” by L. Hyde and D.B. Smith [+]

“When to Use Which User Experience Research Methods” by J. Nielsen [+]

“Why Design Matters” by J. Heskett [+]

“Why Design” by P. Starck [+]

“Why You Should Choose Design as a Profession” by J. George [+]

“Why and How to Give a 5min Talk” by S. Berkun [+]

“William Perry’s Scheme of Intellectual and Ethical Development; by W. Rapaport [+]

“Words” by T. Judt [+]

“Writing 101” by E. Lupton [+]

“Writing For Design Students,part 1: A Pattern For Structured Writing” by G. Leonidas [+]

“Writing For Design Students,part 2: Describing Things” by G. Leonidas [+]

“Writing Studio (Resources for Writers)” by Duke University [+]

“Writing a Copyright Infringement Letter” by V. Glitcchka [+]

“Yes,We Should Teach Character” by D. Gooblar [+]

“Zen Design Principles” by M. May [+]

“” by R. Martin [+][+]


(How To Play ) [+][+]

; Learning Strategies for Everyone [+]

ADAA 2007 Winners (Adobe Education Design Achievement Awards) [+]

About Learning () [+]

Arco in Architettura () [+]

Avoiding Plagiarism [+][+][+][+]

Awareness Test (Psych101) [+]

BBC Test [+]

Berg Design Education Book Catalogue [+]

Biblioteca Pléyades [+]

Brain Explorer [+]

Canadian Design Resource [+]

Cerebral Hemisphere [+][+][+][+]

Computer Arts “50 Tips for Designers” [+]

Computer History [+][+]

Concise History of Western Music [+]

Criterion Films Collection [+]

Drugs and the Brain [+][+]

Educational Technology Timeline [+]

Electronic Music Resources by UbuWeb: [+]

Ergonomics Human Centered Design [+]

Exponent () [+]

FARM (Future Action Reclamation Mob) by R. Waxman [+]

Famous Inventions [+]

Frank Lloyd Wright Interviewed by M. Wallace in 1957 [+][+]

Hoovers Companies Directory [+]

How to Pirate a Vinyl Record [+]

Indispensable Writing Resources [+]

Information Technology [+]

LCM/GCF Least Common Multiple [+][+]

Language & Learning Skills Writing Resources [+]

Maison de l‘Outil,The Tool and Trade Museum [+]

MovieWeb,Movie Posters & Reviews [+]

NRDC “Consumer Guide to Mercury in Fish” [+]

Ontario Teachers’ Manuals: [+]

Oscar Diaz Prototypes [+]

Patti Smith’s Advice to the Young [+]

Perpenduum Design Blog [+],Academy of American Poets [+]

Presentation Skills [+]

Presentation Zen [+]

Quotes on Pinterest [+]

Reliability of Wikipedia [+]

Right Brain vs. Left Brain Test [+][+]

Space [+]

Steve Jobs 2005 at Stanford University [+][+]

Talmud () [+]

Test by STS at Newsweek [+]

The Authentic History Center () [+]

The Blue School Kindergarten [+]

The Eyeballing Game () [+]

The Job Board for Media Professionals [+]

The Knife [+]

The Mathematical Achievements and Methodologies of Archimedes [+]

Typophile Books Library [+]

Women in Parliaments World Classification [+]

World Cultures Resources by R. Hooker [+]

Writing Skills [+]

“10 Things I’ve Learned From Politics (So Far)” by D. Armano [+]

“30 Essential PDF Documents for Designers” by A.J. Zinni [+]

“75 Skills Every Man Should Master” by T. Chiarella [+]

“7th Graders Are Awesome!” by A. Selikoff [+]

“90% of People Don’t Know How to Use ⌘+F” by A. Madrigal [+]

“A Designer By Any Other Name” by Z. Sadokierski [+]

“ADD and Words per Line: ” by L. Powell [+]

“Additional Higher Education Resources” by R. Felder [+]

“Attention and Sex” by S. Berkun [+][+]

“Body Language in Yoga” by M. Gardner [+]

“Body Language – the Prescribed Format” by N. Singh [+]

“Carbon 14” by S.D. Pitman [+]

“Clients” by E. Spiekermann [+]

“Continuing Studies in Typography” by I. Strizver [+]

“Dads Are Key to Making Us Human” by R. Nixon: [+]

“Data Collection for Usability Research” by T. Zazelenchuk [+]

“Design Education,Part I” by P. Biľak [+]

“Design Is Dead,Sorry” by P. Starck [+]

“Design for Democracy” by M. Lausen et al. [+][+]

“Designing Across Cultures” by A.V. Wagener [+][+]

“Designing and Submitting Toy Inventions” by P. Wachtel [+]

“Designing for (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder” [+]

“Earliest Fired Knives Improved Stone Age Tool Kit” by E. Callaway [+]

“Educating Information Architects” by E. Morrogh [+]

“Education and Identity” by R. Fontana [+]

“Education: What Is Teaching and Learning?” by A.R. Dalby [+]

“Effective,not Efficient” by E. Spiekermann [+][+]

“Emotion” by R. De Sousa [+]

“FREE Books!” by E. Baker [+]

“Flatland: ” by E.A. Abbott [+]

“For Great Teamwork,Start with a Social Contract” by Riordan and O’Brien [+]

“Global Digital Journalism: A Transformative Moment” by J. Barnathan [+]

“Graphic Designer vs. Typographer” [+]

“How (Not) to Write Like a Designer” by W. Bostwick [+][+]

“How Do You Become Successful?” by —— [+]

“How Good is Good?” [+]

“How Not to Talk to Your Kids; the Inverse Power of Praise” by P. Bronson [+]

“How People with Disabilities Use the Web” by W3C [+]

“How Time Works” by M. Brain [+]

“How To Pay Attention” by R. Walker [+]

“How and Why Wikipedia Works” by D. Riehle [+]

“How do German Kids Feel When They Learn About What Hitler/Germany Did in WW2” by K. Kolerova [+]

“How to Deconstruct Almost Anything” by C. Morningstar [+]

“How to Tie a Tie” by J. Isemer [+]

“How to Track Global Digital Culture” by L. Manovich [+]

“Industry Trends in Prototyping” by D. Cronin [+]

“Interviewing the Interviewers” by K. Kelsky [+]

“Is Design Political?” by J. Winhall [+]

“Job 2.0 — The End of Profession” by A. Stel [+]

“Laughter: ” by C.J. Kuschel [+][+]

“Lead on Purpose: How Product Managers Lead Teams to Success” by M.R. Hopkin [+]

“Leadership Models” by K. Friedman [+]

“Lessons from Nature” by J. Young [+][+]

“Masters of Editorialism” by M. Bruinsma [+]

“Mind in the Making (MITM) Tipsheets: Books and Tips that Promote Life Skills” by E. Galinsky [+]

“Mind-reading Software Could Record Your Dreams” by C. Biever [+][+]

“Multiple Draft Model (of Consciousness)” by D. Dennett [+][+]

“Nature Anatomy” by Julia Rothman [+]

“New Designers and Mentorship” [+]

“No More Spilled Ink” by C. Malamed [+]

“On Facebook Timeline: Teaching Data to Speak Humanely” by D. Breunig [+]

“Oration on the Dignity of Man” by G.P.d. Mirandola (at C. Shalizi) [+]

“Origin of Music Notation ()“ by B. Blood [+][+][+]

“People Love New Ideas” in by S. Berkun [+]

“Perfection May Be the Enemy” by T. Asacker [+]

“Please Dont’t Interrupt” by S. Pavlina [+]

“Poetics” by Aristotle (350 BC),translated by S. Butcher [+]

“Politic and Type” [+]

“Psychology of Invention in Math” by J. Hadamard [+]

“Reading Time’s a Missed Opportunity for Life-Skills Learning” by E. Galinsky [+]

“Reading,Writing,Note Making,Managing Time,Assignments,Exams” by CDU [+]

“Scale Effects: ” by L. Manovich [+]

“Software Design and Industrial Design Are the Same Damn Thing” by D. Knemeyer [+]

“Some Educational Problems” by A. Darroch [+]

“Teaching Tomorrow’s Journalists” [+]

“The Art of Guiding” by A. Palkhivala [+]

“The Art of Innovation” by Kelly and Littman [+]

“The Clockwork Muse” by C. Martindale [+]

“The Decanter” by W. Landor [+]

“The Economic Causes of Monogamy” by K. Contreary [+]

“The Economic Naturalist: ” by R. Frank [+]

“The Economics of Giving It Away” by C. Anderson,; [+]

“The End of the College Essay; On Assigning Writing” by R. Schuman [+]

“The Human Slouch Towards Narrative” by B. Hughes [+]

“The Importance of Being Hated” by C. Klosterman [+]

“The Missing Ink: The Lost Art of Handwriting,and Why it Still Matters” by P. Hensher [+][+]

“The Nature of Man” by D. Ford [+]

“The Power of Presentation” by L. Fisher [+][+][+][+]

“The Return of the Public Domain” by J. De Wachter [+][+]

“The Role of Hypothesis in Innovation” thread [+]

“The Science Bookstore” by J. Ptak [+]

“The Ways Meditation Will Change Your Life” by C. Reed [+]

“The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet” by Anderson and Wolff [+]

“Theoretically Challenged” by R. Caplan [+][+][+]

“Theory of Emotion and the Wheel of Emotions” by R. Plutchik [+][+]

“Things That Can Make You Feel Like an Idiot Almost Instantly” by A. Brosh [+]

“Time Management for Creative People” by M. McGuinness [+]

“Time Management” by R. Pausch [+]

“Unplugged Wedding” by J. Zoratti [+]

“Vintage Computer Collection” by E. Klein [+]

“Visual Education,A New Language”,by O. Neurath [+]

“Walkscapes: ” by F. Careri [+]

“What Is Digital Cinema?” by L. Manovich [+]

“What Is Software For – Magic Ink” by B. Victor [+][+]

“What Kind of a Career Can Typography Lead To?” [+]

“What Level of Math Should Designers Master” [+]

“Where Innovators and Entrepreneurs Intersect” by N. Bry [+]

“Why A Scared Expression Brings A Survival Advantage” by A. Motluk [+]

“Why Aren’t There More Women in Tech?” by D. Dodge [+]

“Why Can’t We Walk Straight?” by B. Arthur: [+]

“Wikipedia and the Future of the Past” by R. Rosenzweig [+]

“Wire Bindle Tying Techniques” by B. Nuckolls [+]

“Writer/Directors and Co-Ops” by J. August [+]

Résumé & Portfolio

Portfolio Center [+]

Roz Goldfarb Associates [+]

Squarespace Website Builder [+]

TCG Salary Guide 2018 [+]

Weebly Website Builder [+]

Wix Website Builder [+]

“5 Ways to Create a Media Kit” by J. Krotz [+]

“A Guide to Internships” by AIGA [+]

“Create a Media Kit for Your Small Business” by M. Rembrandt [+]

“Getting Your Foot In the Door” by D. Airey [+]

“Insights on Writing Your Résumé” by S. Geissbuhler [+]

“May I Show You My Portfolio?” by M. Bierut [+]

“Online Portfolio Tidbits” [+]

“Portfolio Advices” [+]

“Presenting Your Portfolio” by S. Geissbuhler [+]

“Resume Buzzwords to Avoid” by R. Half [+]

“Resume Tips” by D. Park [+]

“Résumé Booklet” by The Career Center for Arts & Media,Columbia [+]

“Résumé Typesetting” [+][+][+]

“Ten Common Mistakes in Résumés and Cover Letters” by P. Vrontikis [+]

“The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Editing” by P. Yang [+]

“The Ingredients of a Press Kit” by A. Lautenslager [+]

“What Designers Must Learn” by E. Madsen [+]


Australia Open Colleges [+]

Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Education [+]

Become A Photographer [+]

Codecademy [+]

Core77 Design Schools and Education [+]

Coudal Partners Online Musems List [+]

Coursera Free Online Courses [+]

Creatives Unlimited Digital Media Intership [+]

Cumulus Association [+]

DegreeTrend [+]

Design Ignites Change () [+]

Design Training [+]

Erasmus Mundus [+]

Etienne Wenger [+][+]

European Researcher’s Mobility Portal [+]

IIT Master in Design Methods [+]

K12 Education News [+]

Kadenze Course Catalog [+]

Khan Academy Learnable Programming [+][+]

MIT OpenCourseWare [+]

OpenSite [+]

PIEp Innovation [+]

Quora Education [+]

SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education [+]

SVA MFA Design for Social Innovation [+]

THE World University Rankings [+]

The ELIA Manifesto [+]

Thinkful: Learn to Code with a Mentor [+]

Type Thursday [+]

Typeface Design Week at ISIA Urbino [+]

Typeface Design at Cooper Union [+][+][+][+]

Typeface Design at KABK [+][+][+][+]

Typeface Design at PoliDesign [+]

Typeface Design at Reading MATD [+][+][+]

Typography Education Directory [+]

Typophile Wiki [+]

UCA Creative Challenge Hub [+]

UK Media Training Courses [+]

USA Guide to Art Schools [+]

USA Web Design Degree Programs [+]

World’s Best Design Programs 2009 [+]

Share & Search

Bing Live Search [+]

Blog List by Elmanco [+]

British Library Public Domain Images [+][+]

Calaméo Publisher and Browser [+]

Compfight Flickr Search Tool [+]

Design Competition Directory [+]

Design Engine Jobs by B. Brejcha [+]

Dropbox [+]

Droplr [+]

Email Charter [+]

Flight Tracking [+][+][+][+]

Forever Self-Improvement [+]

Formspring [+]

Glassdoor Get Hired [+]

Graphic Competitions [+]

How to Use Google Search More Effectively [+]

Indexhibit [+]

Inside Google Search [+]

Klout Standard for Influence Online [+]

Knowhow Nonprofit [+]

Lexicon Wikipédia Summary [+]

LibraryThing [+]! [+]

NetarchiveSuite [+]

Online Solution for Design and Project Management [+]

PDFs Search [+]

POYi Archives for Photojournalism [+] Create Your Newspaper [+]

Posterous [+]

Schooloscope [+]

SendSpace [+]

Simply Hired Job Search Engine [+]

Social Sites for Finding a Job [+]

Songza Music Jukebox [+]

Speaker Deck [+]

Squidoo [+]

Stacey Lightweight Content Management System [+]

TinEye Reverse Image Search [+]

Wapedia [+]

Wayback Machine Internet Archive [+]

WeTransfer [+]

WebCite [+]

Wired How-To Wiki [+]

WorldCat [+]

WorldCat [+]

Wpshower Word Press Themes [+][+]

Spec (as in ‘speculative’)

AIGA Position on Spec Work [+][+]

No!Spec [+]

Pro Bono Contract Sample [+]

The Anonymous License [+]

“Against Crowdsourcing Logo Design: an Open Letter From AIGA to the Tokyo Olympic Committee [+]

“All Possible Futures: Experimental Jetset on Speculative Graphic Design” by J. Sueda [+]

“Crowdsourcing: Sabotaging Our Value” by T. Wilder [+]

“How to Educate Your Clients on Spec Work” by T. James [+]

“Should I Work for Free?” by J. Hische [+]

“Specs and Contests: We All Lose” by T. James [+]

“The Truth About Tenders” by M. Hendersen [+]

“When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free” by E. Reagan [+][+]

“Working Pro-bono” by T. Stephan [+]

Teaching & Learning Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Feedback,,; [+][+][+][+]

Index of Learning Strategies [+]

JISC Effective Assessment in a Digital Age [+]

RMIT Assessment [+]

Study Skills Self Assessment [+]

UMDNJ Student Evaluation Resources [+]

“4MAT About Learning” by B. McCarthy [+]

“Assessing Creativity” by K. Robinson [+]

“Assessing Student Learning” by I. Soliman [+]

“Assessment That Promotes Learning” by J. Lowe [+]

“Assessment,Experience and Reflection” by D. Boud [+]

“Classroom Assessment Techniques in Asynchronous Learning Networks” by T. Henderson [+]

“Classroom Assessment Techniques” by D. Enerson et al. [+]

“Classroom Assessment Techniques” by J. Rhem [+]

“Classroom Assessment Techniques” by T. Angelo et al. [+]

“Congruence of Teaching,Learning,Assessment and Evaluation” by E. Santhanam [+]

“Course-Based Review and Assessment” by University of Massachusetts [+]

“David Boud’s Principles for ” by S. Draper [+]

“Dealing With Large Classes and Active Learning” by R. Felder et al. [+]

“Learning Styles and Strategies” by R. Felder [+]

“Measuring Success” [+]

“Strategies for Assessing Learning Effectiveness” by C. Steinkuehler et al. [+]

“Student Assessment” by UTC [+]

“Teaching Assessment and Evaluation Guide” by York University [+]

“Too Much Fun Can Be Serious” by A. Pagano [+]

“What I Learned at School” by M. Myung-Ok Lee [+]

“Words for Design Students” by A. Chochinov [+]

“Words for Design Teachers” by –– [+]

Travelling, Time, Maps, etc.


Airport Codes [+]

Atlas Xpeditions [+]

BBC Radio [+]

Backpackers [+][+]

Bike Arrow Japan [+]

Booking [+]

CIA Reference Maps [+]

CIA World Factbook [+]

Cabin Porn [+]

Creative Monuments [+]

Daily Routines [+]

Design On The Wheels () [+]

EPS maps [+]

Earth Quake Information [+]

Eikongraphia by M. van Raaij [+]

Explorer by C.A. Weingarten [+]

Faces in Places [+]

Fifty People One Question [+]

Foodspotting [+]

Google Maps [+]

HRS Hotel Reservation Service [+]

Kayak Travel Search [+]

LHW The Leading Hotels of the World [+]

LexicOrient [+]

Lonely Planet [+]

Map Resources [+]

Maporama [+]

Moon Calculator for the Lunar Phases by B. Wilson [+]

National Anthems [+]

OANDA and XE Universal Currency Converter [+][+]

OECD Factbook eXplorer for Analysing Country Statistics [+]

Omniglot Radio List [+]

Orkin Pest Sontrol [+]

Ourplace World Heritage [+]

Panoramas [+]

People and Places Photos,by G.R. Frysinger [+]

Peter Langer AMG [+]

Places to Stay and Abaka [+][+]

Population Action International [+]

SpaceSounds [+]

Strange (and Unusual) Maps [+][+]

Swiss National Bank Glossary (SNB) [+]

Telephone Dialing Codes [+][+][+]

The Art of Manliness [+]

Time Zone Converter: [+]

Time and Date [+][+][+]

TravelBlog [+]

Traveler IQ Challenge [+]

Travellerspoint Travel Community [+]

TripIt Travel Itinerary [+]

USPS Airmail M-Bags [+]

UTC/GMT (Coordinated Universal Time) ISO-8601 [+][+]

Understanding USA [+]

UrbanRail Maps [+]

Venere Hotels Engine [+]

ViaMichelin [+]

Virtual Shoe Museum [+]

Weather Forecasts [+][+][+][+]

Wikitravel [+]

World Clock [+]

World Stadiums [+]

World Statesmen [+]

World Time Zone Map [+][+]

Xeno-Canto Bird Songs [+]

Zappos [+]

[return to page] [+]

“A Tale of Two Trains” by J. Thackara [+]

“All Streets” by B. Fry [+]

“Food Safety for the 21st Century” by P.W. Chang [+][+]

“Gente Come Noi (People Are Alike All Over / The Twilight Zone)” by M. Leisen [+][+]

“Hong Kong’s Human Battery Hens” by S. Tomlinson [+]

“It’s Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change” by M. Atwood [+]

“Mapping Stereotypes” by Y. Tsvetkov [+]

“Slowcoast” by N. Hand [+]

“Taking a New Look at Health” by B. Fry [+]

“The Cook’s Thesaurus” by L. Alden [+]

“The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D” by T. Darnell: [+]

“The Longest Way 1.0” by C. Rehage [+][+]

“The Water We Eat” by A. Morelli [+][+]

“Tips on How to Sleep Better” by J. Mercola [+]

“Universe” by J. Harris [+][+]

“We Feel Fine” by J. Harris [+]

“Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?” by Z. Metz [+]

“With Our Own Hands (Crop Varieties,Food & Climate Change)” by F. van Oudenhoven [+][+]

“Ziegler Family Newsletter” by N. Ziegler [+]


AWeber Email Marketing Solutions [+]

Able2Extract PDF App [+]

Application Compatibility Table by RoaringApps [+]

BPM Online Metronome [+][+]

Best Way To Archive Emails For Later Searching [+]

BrowserSpy by H. Gemal [+]

Butler by P. Maurer [+]

CSV Email [+]

Cacoo Online Diagram Tool [+]

Check-Off by J. Williams [+]

ChocoFlop Image Editor [+]

Citelighter [+]

Codecast HTML & CSS Browser Editor [+]

Constant Contact Email Marketing Solutions [+]

Conversion Tables [+][+][+][+][+]

Corporate Identity Implementation Checklist by T. Spaeth [+]

Cuppa 1.5 by N. Cosgray [+]

DOCX to DOC Converter [+][+]

Daytum [+]

Fiery VUE Printing by EFI [+]

FileMaker Pro [+] [+]

Flash Players [+][+]

FocusWriter [+]

Foodparing [+]

FotoJet [+]

Free Online File Converter [+]

GPA Calculator [+]

GoDaddy Domain Names [+]

Goroboto Tumblr Themes [+]

Gradekeeper [+]

ImageMagick Bitmap Editor [+]

KISSmetrics Website Retention Analysis Tool [+]

Lemkesoft GraphicConverter [+]

Letter Frequency Meter [+] Subscription Newsletters [+]

Link Price Calculator [+]

Little Snitch Privacy [+][+]

MP3 Trimmer [+]

MPEG Streamclip [+]

Mail Rules and Plugins [+][+][+][+]

MailChimp Email List Manager [+]

Markdown [+]

Mint Budgeting Tool [+]

Multimedia Download Help Centre [+]

Nitro PDF Editor (Windows) [+]

OCR Online Optical Character Recognition [+][+]

OS X Features and Shortcuts [+][+]

Omeka Exhibit Platform [+]

Online English Handbook [+]

Online File Converter [+]

Online File Converter [+]

Online Tools to Help the Writing Process [+]

Online epub PDF Converter [+]

OpenDNS [+]

PDF to Excel Converter [+]

PDF to Word Converter [+]

Perian QuickTime Component [+]

PostScript Driver (⌘P .ps .pdf),; [+][+]

Pragmatic Marketing [+]

PrimoPDF Browser Plugin [+]

Punctuator RSS Feeds and Punctuation Marks by K. Çanlıoğlu [+]

Q10 [+]

RSS Readers [+][+][+]

SMOG Readability Calculator [+]

ScholarPress Courseware [+][+]

Schoolhouse by L. Collins [+]

Sequential or Progressive Numbers in Formulas Rows Function [+]

Shubert PDF Browser Plugin [+]

Shubert Word Browser Plugin [+]

Skytag File Buddy [+]

St.Clair Default Folder [+]

Syllabe Counter [+]

TextExpander [+]

The Unarchiver [+]

Tile App [+]

Tradeshift Free Online Invoicing Tool [+]

TweetDeck [+][+][+]

Typing Speed Test [+]

Unmarked TextSoap [+]

Vector Editor Online [+]

W3 School Web Building Tutorials [+]

Water Footprint Calculator [+]

Web Accessibility Tools [+][+]

Webarbiter Stats [+]

Webydo Code-free Website Design [+]

Whois Domain Tools [+]

Words Count [+]

Workshop Hints and Things [+]

WriteRoom [+]

iContact Email Marketing Solutions [+]

iGetter Download Manager [+]

iProcrastinate by C. Otis [+]

“5 Steps To A PowerPoint Redesign” by C. Malamed [+]

“Comprehensive List of Online Feedback Tools” by V. Bergspics [+]

“How-To Guides,Glossaries,Timelines,etc.” by R. Johnson [+]

“Paper Prototyping Helper Kit” by D. Travis [+]

“PowerPoint Alternative: Adobe Presentations” by J. Crumpton [+][+]

“What Is the Easiest Way to Cut a Pizza Into 11 Equal Slices” thread [+]

eLearning [+]

Academic Earth [+]

Adobe Captivate [+]

Adobe Digital Careers Teaching Resources [+]

Artnet [+]

Atlas of Electromagnetic Space [+]

Comparing Blogs to Other Communication Tools [+]

Course Builder Open Source eLearning Development Software [+]

Debut Design “Encore” [+]

Dmoz: Distance Learning [+]

Educate Yourself [+]

Elearning 2.0 [+]

Elearning Guild [+]

Elearning Solutions for Education [+]

Electronic Education for the New Millennium,NYC Board of Education [+][+]

Encyclopedia of Life,; [+][+][+][+][+]

History Channel [+]

History of Online Education Infographic [+]

HistoryShots [+]

ILT (Institute for Learning Technologies) Papers [+]

JISC Effective Assessment in a Digital Age [+]

JSTOR Digital Archives for Scholarship [+]

Jisc NUS Student Experience Benchmarking Tool [+]

Literature Online [+][+]

Lynda Online Training Library [+]

MIT OpenCourseWare [+]

MIT Visualizing Cultures [+]

Ohours Open Office Hours [+]

Plattcollege Online San Diego [+]

Polldaddy Survey Software [+]

Project Gutenberg [+]

QuestionPro Survey Software [+]

RMIT Guide to Teaching with Technology [+]

Radio Free School OSL [+]

School Test Data [+]

School of Everything [+]

Sessions eLearning Courses [+]

Sputnik Observatory For the Study of Contemporary Culture [+]

Survey Design [+][+]

The Roland Collection of Film and Videos on Art [+]

Thinking for a Living [+]

TypeCulture Articles and Essays [+]

Università Telematica Internazionale [+]

VKS (Virtual Knowledge Studio) [+]

Visual Literacy: [+]

“Complexity and Community” by M. Singer [+]

“Design Leads Us Where Exactly” by L. Kimbell [+]

“Develop Online Learning to Your Institution’s Competitive Advantage” by D. Kernohan [+]

“Digital_Humanities” by A. Burdick et al [+]

“Elevate Web Design at the University Level” by L. Inman [+]

“Get a Liberal Arts Education for Free on the Internet” by A. Tarantola [+]

“Glossary of Internet and Web Jargon” by UC Berkeley [+]

“How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords” by J. Pozadzides [+]

“Learning To Teach Online Episodes” by S. McIntyre [+]

“Power and Pedagogy” by R. McClintock [+]

“Stanford Professor Gives Up Teaching Position for Online Start-Up” by N. DeSantis [+]

“State of US K-12 Online Learning Infographic” by J. Kantrowitz [+]

“Teaching With Blogs” by J. Boggs [+]

“The Poetics of Web Video” by M. Newman [+]

“Tips for Working From Home With Kids” by J. Grey: [+]

“Trasforming Education,Information Technology” by R. McClintock [+]