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10 Typographical Rules by FTF [+]

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EU Commission for European Standards: Literary [+]

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Guide to Quotes and Quotations by Samuel Johnson [+]

Interactive Citation Styles Guide [+]

Latin terms (); dashes () () () () (); quotations (); hyphen () () (); [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

MLA Formatting Quotations [+]

Non English Usage of Quotation Marks [+]

Online English Handbook 1.2 (Mac OS Classic) [+]

Punctuator RSS Feeds and Punctuation Marks by K. Çanlıoğlu [+]

Ten Typographic Mistakes Everyone Makes [+]

The Economist Style Guide [+]

The Periodic Table of Storytelling [+]

The Punctuation Guide [+]

The ‘Unnecessary’ Quotation Marks Blog [+]

Tips On Using Email Effectively [+]

Typing Speed Test [+]

Underlines in Forms [+]

ligatures (); irony () (); exclamation (),emailing (). [+][+][+][+][+]

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“Bill Walsh,Copy Editor and Witty Authority On Language” by A. Bernstein [+]

“Clear,Concise,Compelling” TOC [+]

“Do Research and Write Essays” by W. Rapaport [+]

“Email (let's drop the hyphen)” by D. Knuth [+]

“France Says English Disease Should Be Brought to a Full Stop” [+]

“Has Modern Life Killed the Semicolon ?” by P. Collins [+]

“How Many Spaces After a Period? Ending the Debate” by D. Bricker [+]

“How To Write 1000 Words” by S. Berkun [+][+]

“How To Write a Book” by S. Berkun [+]

“Internet :-) :-( Smilings or Emoticons” by A. Harmon [+][+]

“Interview With a Semicolon” by T. Gething [+][+]

“Marginalia (on Punctuation)” by E.A. Poe [+]

“No More Spilled Ink” by C. Malamed [+]

“One Space Between Sentences” by M. Butterick [+]

“Paleography of Punctuation” by S. Reimer [+]

“Pause and Effect,Punctuation in the West” by M.B. Parkes [+]

“Proofreading Tips” by M. Fogarty [+]

“Punctuation Education“ by L. Truss [+][+]

“Punctuation Handout” by S. Robbins (Editing Workshop) [+]

“Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed” by J. Shepherd [+]

“Punctuation Resources” by J. Rubin [+]

“Punctuation in Novels” by A. Calhoun [+]

“The Literature Review: a Few Tips” by D. Taylor [+]

“The Secret Life of Punctuation” by K. Houston [+]

“The Semicolon: English Punctuation Theory and Teaching Practice” by P. Bruthlaux [+]

“There Is Only One Space After a Period” by B. Hill [+]

“Tips for Editing and Revising” by ———— [+]

“Two Spaces After a Period: Why You Should Never,Ever Do It.” by F. Manjoo [+]

“Typesetting of Technical Documents” by ———— [+]

“Typography & Font Managments” by M. Witherell [+]

“What Copyeditors Do” by S. Berkun [+]

“Which Versus That” by ———— [+]

“Why You Should Never,Ever Use Two Spaces Between Sentences” by N. Jackson [+]

“Writing SI Units and Symbols” by C. Poynton [+]

“Writing Tips” by Writer’s Block [+]

“Writing for Dyslexic Readers” by ———— [+]


Languages & Linguistics

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages [+][+][+]

Comparison of Languages Lenght [+]

Dictionary of the History of Ideas [+]

EServer Accesible Writing [+]

Encyclopedia Mythica [+]

Etymology and History of First Names [+][+][+][+][+]

Europe Linguistic Map [+]

Glossary of Computer Acronyms [+]

Google Noto (800 Languages) [+]

Languages Relations [+]

Languages Sites (Verbivore) by R. Lederer [+]

LexicOrient [+]

Linguist List Teaching and Learning [+]

Linguistic Family Tree [+][+]

Mora Phonology Unit [+]

Oalindromes [+]

Omniglot Tower of Babel [+]

Paleography: Dedicated Linkography [+]

Phonetic Fonts [+]

Punctuation Guide by D. Hartwell [+]

Punctuation Made Simple by G. Olson [+]

SIL Ethnologue: Languages of the World [+]

ScriptSource (Writing Systems,Computers and People) [+]

Tautology in and [+]

Thinkmap Visual Thesurus [+]

Word Lists [+][+][+][+][+][+]

World’s Language Families [+]

World’s Most Spoken Languages Infographic Map [+]

Writing Systems [+]

“Barthes and the Fountain Pen: An Intimate Obsession” by M.D. Niski [+]

“Common Errors in English” by P. Brians [+]

“Dialectics” [+]

“Discourse Analysis: Spoken Language” by P. Mikolić [+]

“Esperanto-like Universal Typeface” [+]

“Guide to Grammar and Style” by J. Lynch [+]

“How Philosophy Pays Off” by E. Steinhart [+]

“How Words Enter the Language” by M. Quinion [+]

“Language Tangle: Predicting & Facilitating Outcomes in Language Education” by T. May [+]

“Language and the ‘Invented’ Man” by K. Burke [+]

“Language is a Sense,Like Touch” by M. McLuhan [+]

“Languages At a Glance” thread [+][+]

“Learning Vocabulary” by S. Ager [+]

“Lingua Italiana e Altra Linguistica” by M. Pistone [+]

“On Language” by J. Reeves [+]

“Phonetikana: English and Japanse Script” by M. Johnson [+]

“Pierre Joris On Translation” by M. Qualey [+]

“Representing IPA phonetics in ASCII” by E. Kirshenbaum [+]

“The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain” by M. Nacamulli [+][+]

“The Bilingual Advantage” by C. Dreifus [+]

“The Devil's Dictionary” by A. Bierce [+]

“The Government Does Not Control Your Grammar” by D. Baron [+]

“The Probable Language Brain” by T. May [+][+]

“The Quantum Language” by D.W. Miller [+]

“Translation as Cryptography as Translation” by M. Liberman [+]

“Why Machines Alone Cannot Solve the World’s Translation Problem” by N. Kelly [+]

“Why Some Languages Sound So Fast” by S. Jarvis [+]

“Wordlings in a Web 2.0 World” by C. Lee [+]

“Words” by T. Judt [+]


A Word A Day [+]

Absolute Astronomy Encyclopedia [+]

Action Verbs [+]

Advertising Glossary by M.J. Motto [+]

Anagram Generators [+][+]

ArtLex Art Dictionary [+]

Bulwer-Lytton Contest Winners [+]

CTS Centre for Textual Scholarship [+]

Cardinal Mezzofanti Polyglot [+]

Chemistry Periodic Table [+]

Christian Symbols by R. Koch [+]

Conversion Equivalences [+][+]

Credopedia [+]

Developing Teachers Tips [+]

Dictionarist Online Talking [+]

Dizionario Fralenuvol dei Proverbi Italiani [+]

Dizionario dei Fiori [+][+]

Dream Dictionary [+][+]

EEA Multilingual Environmental Glossary [+]

Encyclopedia of Life,; [+][+][+]

Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms [+]

English Grammar Myths [+][+]

Esercizi di Italiano Zanichelli [+]

Evertype by M. Everson [+]

First Thousand Words in English (and audio) [+]

Flower Meanings [+][+][+][+]

Font Language Coverage [+]

Foodparing [+]

GeoGeek Glossary [+]

Glossario di Organizzazione della Conoscenza [+]

Henry Miller On Writing [+]

Hyphenation Online Tool (English only) [+]

Hyphenation Online Tool (multilanguage) [+]

Indispensable Writing Resources [+]

International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) [+]

International Federation of Translators (IFT) [+]

Islam Glossary [+]

Italy Surnames Map Database [+]

Jabberwacky Chatterbot,,,; [+][+][+]

Language & Learning Skills Writing Resources [+]

Language Support Examples [+]

Languagegeek [+]

Latin Transliteration Norms [+]

Lexicon Wikipédia Summary [+]

Linguist List Text and Computer Tools [+]

Lyrics Directory [+]

Multilingual for Wordpress by M. Bryński [+]

MyFonts International Typography [+]

NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming [+][+]

NNDB People Activities [+]

Nobel Prize Winners Elastic List [+]

Omniglot Foreign Phrases [+]

Omniglot Newspapers & Magazines List [+]

Omniglot Radio Sations [+]

Poetry Glossary [+] [+]

Progetto Manuzio Biblioteca [+]

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab [+]

Rap Star Name Generator [+]

Reliability of Wikipedia [+]

RhymeZone Finder [+]

Sanskrit Yoga Glossary by G. Feuerstein [+]

Significato dei Simboli e Simbolismo [+]

Study Skills Glossary [+]

Swiss National Bank Glossary (SNB) [+]

TIP Language Domain [+]

TLE – Teaching and Learning Excellence – UW Madison [+]

Technopaegnia (Figure Poems) [+]

The International Plant Names Index [+]

The Language of Šekspīrs (on EU Diacritics) [+]

The Longest Word in English [+][+]

The RSPB UK Bird Guide [+]

Unesco Linguistic Resources [+]

WebCite [+] Language Forums [+]

Wordorigins Resources [+]

World Statesmen [+]

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“,A Loated Phrase Turns 50” by J. Freeman [+]

“A Curious Case Of Foreign Accent Syndrome” by J. Greenhalgh [+]

“Anagram Studies” Thesis by D. Bailey [+][+]

“Automatic Flatterer” by G. Oakley [+]

“Bob Hayes NFL Hall of Fame Forgery” by T. Phinney [+]

“Charlotte Mason’s Coposition and Grammar” by S.W. Bauer [+]

“Cursive Writing May Be Fading Skill,But So What?” by T. Breen [+]

“Dictionary Design Bibliography” [+]

“Did Shakespeare Write his Plays” by N. St.Clair and A. Williams [+]

“Endpoint Adds ‘Wayfinding’ to the Oxford English Dictionary” by A. Richings [+]

“Fahrenheit 451” by R. Bradbury [+][+]

“Gentium – a typeface for the nations” by V. Gaultney [+]

“Glossary of Internet and Web Jargon” by UC Berkeley [+]

“Grawlix: Cursing,” by J. Hoefler [+]

“Greek To Me”: [+]

“Handwriting vs. Typing” by A. Chemin [+]

“Happy Writers are Better Writers” by H.G. Egmont [+]

“Hemingway’s Favourites” by S. Usher [+][+]

“How Crafty Word Order Can Instantly Improve Your Writing” by P. Yaffe [+]

“How Our Language Differs Depending On Who and What We Are” by UPenn [+]

“How and Why Wikipedia Works” by D. Riehle [+]

“How to Be a Poet” by W. Berry [+]

“How to Write a Book Proposal” by E. Lupton [+]

“How-To Guides,Glossaries,Timelines,etc.” by R. Johnson [+]

“IBM IMPACT Helping Europe Scan Historical Documents” by L. Whitney [+][+]

“Languages at a Glance” by E. Sorkin [+]

“Lines of Thought” by J. Garvey [+]

“Linguistically Relevant Links” by F. Karlsson [+]

“Lists: Theory and Practice”,by E. Tufte [+]

“Lyric Hyphenator” by J. Brennan [+]

“Microtipografia: Il Progetto dei Nuovi Dizionari Collins” at P. Biľak [+]

“On Facebook Timeline: Teaching Data to Speak Humanely” by D. Breunig [+]

“Papua New Guinea Land of 800 Languages (Map)” by A. Hatfelder [+]

“Reading Bear” by L. Sanger [+]

“Semiotics and Writing Systems” by A. Proskurina [+]

“Ten Recipes for Persuasive (Website) Content” by C. Jones [+]

“Thank You” by J. Runner [+]

“The Cook’s Thesaurus” by L. Alden [+]

“The Solid Form of Language” by J.D. Berry [+]

“The Visual Nuclei Hypothesis” [+][+][+][+]

“The World's Worst Typos” by The Guardian [+]

“Ways to Make Vocabulary Notebooks Work” by R. Ledbury [+]

“What Is Reading? An Excerpt from Reading for Understanding” by C. Cziko et ali [+]

“What Is the Most Beautiful Number and Why” [+]

“What is a Story Beat?” by R. Carr [+]

“Which Country; Which Language?”,by J. Greenwood [+]

“Why and How to Give a 5min. Talk” by S. Berkun [+]

“Wikipedia and the Future of the Past” by R. Rosenzweig [+]

“Writing 101” by E. Lupton [+]

“Writing Studio (Resources for Writers)” by Duke University [+]

“Writing,Literacy & Orality in Ancient China” by W. Behr [+]

“Ð/ð and Þ/þ; The Icelandic Language” by A. Kandal [+]

Spell Check

Grammarly [+]

SpellChecker [+]

SpellWeb [+]

“Facts About Spell Checker” by R. Walles [+]

“Typo Hunt” by J. Deck [+][+]

“Why Spell Checks Matter” by R. Walles [+]

Word Counting

Letter Frequency Meter [+]

SMOG Readability Calculator [+][+]

Syllabe Counter [+]

Wordle [+][+]

Words Count [+]

Word Processors & Text Editors

Atom,BBEdit [+][+]

MacDown [+]

Scrivener [+]

TextSoap [+]

iA Writer [+]