AS colophon mark

Designed by Alessandro Segalini & Kevin Lahoda in Vestal, NY, 2020.

Coded and crafted by Kevin Lahoda with Gatsby and Sanity.

The display type is Sagona by René Bieder. Sagona is a modern slab serif building on the clarendon/ionic model dating back to the 19th century. Sagona features strong serifs and a variable stroke contrast resulting in a versatile family. I fell in love with Sagona the moment I saw the specimen published online in November 2016. I feel attuned to the shapes, and the name of the face itself has that “Sgn” sound of my family name.

The text type is IBM Plex conceptually designed and developed by Mike Abbink at IBM in collaboration with Bold Monday. Plex is a highly legible and versatile open source typeface superfamily as a multi-tool with extensive language support, and contemporary looking with solid roots in the typographic tradition. The seriffed design can be classified as a transitional serif inspired by Bodoni and Janson. The specific design aspect-ratio and some of Bodoni’s features such as ball terminals and rectangular serifs used in IBM Plex Serif makes it a great pair with Sagona, and the matching italic is particularly handsome and appropriately condensed and contrasted.

The Resource §s have been online, compiled and maintained by me since December 2002. I believe they are of help to typography students as well.