There is nothing simple or dull in achieving the transparent page. Vulgar ostentation is twice as easy as discipline. When you realise that ugly typography never effaces itself, you will be able to capture beauty as the wise men capture happiness by aiming at something else.

Beatrice Warde

Few are the giants of the soul who actually feel that the human race is their family circle.

Freya Stark

The core skills of design are synthesis, understanding people, and iterative prototyping.

Bill Moggridge

Architecture smacks you in the face but typography is massaging your brain in a deep way.

Sanford Kwinter

To complicate is simple, to simplify is complicated. In order to complicate, you just need to add something, whatever you wish: colors, shapes, actions, decorations, characters, environments full of odds and ends. Everybody is able to complicate. Only a few can simplify. […] The infinite is a square… without corners.

Bruno Munari