The Darkroom

The Darkroom
The Darkroom





Marguerite Duras


Contra Mundum Press (CMP)


Typesetting details:

A 5×8" 152-page book (28 lines per page), with custom outdent (frame/margins) architecture supporting the syntax of the copy (voices). Set in 205TF Louize, a very French book face with the flavor of 19th-century printer Louis Perrin’s types, with a change in font for each voiceover, set in FF Scala Sans. The opening spread features a still picture from Le camion (1977) of director Marguerite Duras and actor Gerard Depardieu during an on-camera read-through of the movie script. Typesetting time: 5 weeks in 24 design sessions; 10 proofing files.

Cover design details:

5×8" spine size 0.353" (152 pp.). The cover features a background painting by Arda Andrea Segalini (“Blue,” 2021), the opening image of the truck from the original film, and the enlarged display of Duras’ signature which I originally restored and digitized in vector graphics from an autograph dedication signed in ink on the half title of Le Marin de Gibraltar (Gallimard, 1952).