A City Full of Voices

A City Full of Voices
A City Full of Voices





Robert Kelly


Contra Mundum Press (CMP)


Typesetting details:

A 6×9" 626-page book, with semi-automatic line justification (37 lines per page) and footnotes. Set in Adobe Garamond Premier. Typesetting time: 3 months in 72 design sessions; 12 proofing files.

Cover design details:

6×9", spine size 1.383" (626 pp.).
Cover design features an artwork by American visual experimental artist Carolee Schneeman. The type treatment is aligned to that devised for the cover of Voice Full of Cities published in 2014.

Book launch:

The volume was officially launched at “Robert Kelly: A Celebration (2020)” an event organized & streamed by The Poetry Project (NYC) to celebrate the 85th birthday of one of America’s great poets. Watch the tribute, a short film by Nicole Peyrafitte & Pierre Joris; full event & transcript are all available at The Poetry Project platform.


everything that is or was
in any sense alive
has consciousness.
And everything with consciousness
can talk. And does talk.
And we can learn to hear.
Wood or metal,
carapace or bone,
winged or worm—
they all report.
Things think.
Matter sings.

Interviews with the poet: @_conjunctions @Desire