Born Upon the Dark Spear: Selected Poems

Born Upon the Dark Spear
Born Upon the Dark Spear





Ahmad Shamlu


Contra Mundum Press (CMP)


Typesetting details:

A 6×9" 172-page book with single-line composition and lineation (33 lines per page max). Comprised of 78 selected poems, each typeset in custom frames to retain lineation. The segment in Arabic at the front of the book was set using DecoType font technology. The book was awarded the Roth Endowment by the American Institute of Iranian Studies. Typesetting time: 3 weeks in 25 design sessions; 9 proofing files.

Cover design details:

6×9", spine size 0.367" (172pp.).
Cover design in collaboration with the translator and editor, philosopher, and theorist Jason Mohaghegh, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Babson College. The layout is constructed around an image of the (later destroyed) Head+ House+ Light sculpture by Umberto Boccioni (1912). The synopsis on the back cover is typeset right aligned, to hint at the beautiful fragment in Persian set in Nastaliq, DecoType technology, on the half-title page.