CMP Production Matrix

CMP Production MatrixCMP Production Matrix

I am having the idea of making a spreadsheet of the books I designed up to day, a sort of gauge tool, a matrix that can be used to estimate CMP design and production times. To start, I will have to extract or measure the following data from each book:

A. # of words
B. # of characters
C. # of “¶¶” (two ¶s = a regular blank line)
D. # of footnotes
E. # of pages
F. long paragraphs (yes/no)
G. short lines (yes/no)
H. push-outs and special indents (yes/no)
I. typesetting time (I have an “editing” email thread for each book)

That will take days, but I think it’s the best way to go; I’ll write an empirical paper after, why not.