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ECM Visually Sound · cover
ECM Visually Sound · cover

Logan Brannen

ARTC 3320 (Typography II) #junior | 2018 | Texas, USA

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“Visually Sound” is an editorial design Logan Brannen created in my Typography II class at Texas State University. The 9×9" 72-page catalogue is set in Eksell Display Stencil and IBM Plex Sans, and is showcasing the work of some of the most talented designers, photographers, and other graphic artists that have contributed to creating the strikingly consistent album covers and overall identity of ECM Records since it’s creation in 1969 by Manfred Eicher. This catalogue highlights a collection of album covers designed by ECM’s most prolific designers over the years, Barbara Wojirsch, Dieter Rehm, and Sascha Kleis. The catalogue also features photography from notable photographers who have worked in conjunction with ECM. The list includes Roberto Masotti, Christian Vogt, Gerald Minkoff, Thomas Wunsch, Jan Cricke, Joel Meyerowitz, and Jan Jedlicka. In the process of creating this catalogue, the student used my copy of the the following book as a reference for inspiration: ECM Sleeves of Desire: A Cover Story, 1996, Lars Muller Publishers.
All photography and cover designs in this catalogue belong to ECM Records, their respective designer, or photographer, and are used only for the purpose of showcasing their contributions and creating this student work. The photography of the printed book in the samples is Logan’s neat work as well, for his portfolio documentation.