Student work

Food Waste Typographic Poster

171217 ARTC 4305 Holt P1: Food Waste Poster
171217 ARTC 4305 Holt P1: Food Waste Poster

Trey Holt

ARTC 4305 (Typography III) #senior | 2017 | Texas, USA

The task challenges students to create a conceptual typographic poster for a social issue, including but not limited to: food waste, immigration, misogyny, homelessness, evacuation, water preservation, cruelty to animals, and human rights.

The project is an exercise in organizing information, to work a clear hierarchy, and developing a compelling typographic voice that places the poster within a strategic thinking — the type should sound for the message, and the story.

Posters for social causes have a long and rich history within graphic design. Students are invited to look at examples to see what makes an effective poster. Recent initiatives in poster activism include Good 50×70 and the Tolerance Project.

Student Trey Holt decided to work on food waste and apply his skills in 2D + 3D design for a compelling rendering.

Material: Pencil, Illustrator, Cinema4D.