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Font Catalog book spine
Font Catalog book spine

Adam Dodson

ARTC 4305 (Typography III) #senior | 2015 | Texas, USA

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This is a font catalog that has been digitally distributed to all Texas State Communication Design students entering the Type I and II courses, produced in 2015 in my Type III course by student Adam Dodson. All 19 students in the class worked on the same assignment; it was the third and final project of the fall semester. There was no such visualization of the school font library prior to Adam’s. The font catalog documents fonts and their respective designers, classifications, years of creation, and descriptions of the typefaces. Each font is also accompanied with a typesetting specimen page forming a unified display spread, showcasing different font cuts using text excerpts from To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In the back, an index and a type anatomy glossary have been added for quick reference. In its digital state, users can search the PDF document for #UsualSuspects to find the recommended fonts. Although this reference and study material was intended to be shared digitally, Adam printed and hand-bound an extra copy of the physical submission and gave it to me. The photography of the book samples is Adam’s neat work as well, for his portfolio documentation.

Material: School lab font library, InDesign, paper, digital printing, binding material.