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141008 VCD203 Paste-Up workshop
141008 VCD203 Paste-Up workshop

Multiple students

VCD 203 (Typography I) #sophomore | 2014 | Turkey

The task challenges students to re-set a book spread page by cutting and pasting pre-printed “stripes” of text. Students plan to figure out and measure the page & typesetting architecture to be re-produced. The worksheet makes use of a spread-page from Fernando Pessoa’s Philosophical Essays (pp. 53–54): the typesetting in the model page (p.1) is disassembled into sections or text-groupings for paste up (p.2).

Graphic Means (2018) is a film by Briar Levit documenting graphic design production of the 1950s through the 1990s, with layout artist, mechanical artist, production artist, or pre-InDesign compositors.

The London Review of Books (LRB) has a great short interview with Bryony Dalefield on “The Lost Art of Paste-Up” (courtesy of Maurice Meilleur).

Material: Pencil, ruler, paper, scissor, exacto-knife, glue, tape.