Student work


Limerick description & booklet cover
Limerick description & booklet cover

Multiple students

GRA 212 (Typography II) #sophomore | 2006 | Turkey

06S_GD2_P7_Outline (pdf)

The task challenges students to illustrate a limerick poem by using and composing only the prefabricated graphic elements provided to students in a font.

Students are given verses from The Book of Nonsense, the famous collection from 1846 by Edward Lear.

The method student manipulates the elements is limited to nine possibilities:
1. Scale
2. Rotation
3. Tile
4. Invert
5. Crop
6. Overlap
7. Flip/Mirror
8. Contrast
9. Text on path [if the elements are set in the font].

The project and the custom “dingbat” font file was developed in collaboration with co-instructor and artist Marek Brzozowski.

Material: Limerick poems, custom TT font, Illustrator.