Resolution : 对策

Resolution : 对策

Book Design & Prepress

Resolution: book cover rendering
November 30th, 2010

The story of Resolution: Repositioning the Relation Between Man & Nature is a seven-year collaboration that began when I was living in Turkey. Philippe Barrière was invited for an academic workshop by Gülsüm Baydar, a colleague in Architecture,, and we ended up in a yoga retreat together, in the beautiful town of Göcek, where the discussion on the book started.

Philippe Barrière has engaged in a wide range of activities in the professional, non-profit and academic realm; on national and international levels; and as an architect, architecture critic, urban planner, associate professor and architecture historian.

It was my first experience typesetting Latin (English) and Chinese together, and tune the text to run parallel and have almost equal density (what we call “color” in typography). To my excitement, this design also led me to Paris in 2009, to agree on some prepress issues with the author and the Chinese printer (Tianjin University Press) due to the centerfolding 48×9" pages and other color details.

The book is set in by Neutraface by House Industries and HY Zhong Deng Xian by Beijing Hanyi Keyin Information Technology Co.

Barrière writes in the acknowledgments to the book:

“For the layout Matt Pauly and Zuzanna Karczewska contributed to the early stage of the format, followed later by Park Barker with Devon Norton and Hui-Hsiang Rachel Lin as a very dynamic coordinator. Tamra and Dan Rolf’s generous contribution radically changed our earlier perspective. Finally, Justin Keikermeier for his incredible loyalty and talent. With Ashlen William, he helped to recompose what later became the final design, re-mastered by Alessandro Segalini (Art Director). Alessandro Segalini’s dedication, talent, rigor and ability are truly outstanding.”

The book has been a bestseller at the RIBA bookstore in London.

Material: InDesign CS3 (5.0.4), Quite Imposing, Acrobat.

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