Symbol Design

Monogram selected designs
June 21st, 2000

A collection of some of the monograms I designed for friends and clients since the year 2000.

A monogram is created by “coding” two overlapping or combining graphemes such as letters to form one symbol. Monograms first appeared on coins, as early as 350 BCE. They have then been used as signatures by craftsmen especially when guilds enforced measures against unauthorized participation in the trade. A famous example of a monogram serving as a signature is the ‘AD’ used by Albrecht Dürer.

I love individual monograms because they are at once emotional & functional ligatures; the symbol must be “charged with meaning” to visualize the character and the attitude of the owner. My designs have been used as logo marks in several media, printed or cut in different materials and various techniques.

Material: Paper, nibs, ink, markers, Streamline, Fontlab.