Sansepolcro font nameplate

Sansepolcro is a titling all-caps only font of classical proportions based on Charles Malin’s cut of Pacioli for Mardersteig, from a specimen published by Stamperia Valdònega in the volume “L’Officina Bodoni.”

Borgo Sansepolcro is the name of the birthplace of Franciscan friar and mathematician Luca Pacioli, a town in the eastern part of the region of Tuscany, Italy. S. Sepolcro is a church by Italian Renaissance architect Alessio Tramello built in Piacenza, Italy in 1534.

The font includes 28 inscriptional-like ligatures: AT, PH, HE, etc. The typeface was reviewed by Hermann Zapf in a private letter to Italian bibliophile Corrado Mingardi.


Sansepolcro Regular